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Go check out the 80 Stings official video. Click the link on my profile!


Thank you guys so much for just taking a listen. If you haven’t please do so with an open mind. Forget I’m an athlete for one moment and hear the music.


The Autobiography by Cole Beasley



I wanna wish a very happy birthday to my wonderful bride and my very bestest friend in the whole entire universe. I love you more than anything in the world...well except for our boys cause I love them the same. Lol...Please don’t ever feel like you’re getting old baby because you will never get old to me. Every day is something new and I’m happy I get to spend them with you. I love you mama and I hope you have your most happy birthday!! 🎁🎈


I hope yall are ready! #AllorNothing: Dallas Cowboys is available now on @PrimeVideo. Be sure to check it out to see me and the boys do our thing on and off the field. #PrimeVideoPartner


Go get it!! #shockvalue


Rhett man likes it. Lol that’s all that matters.


Dallas! Come see me & @OldSpice TODAY 5-6pm at Supercenter on Cockrell Hill Rd. Check out for more. #SponsoredObviously  Oh, & no outside autographs #rules


Dallas, @OldSpice is in town tomorrow & they want you to smell their new Captain scent! I’ll be at Walmart Supercenter on Cockrell Hill Rd. Wednesday 5-6pm and you should be, too. Check out for more info #OldSpicePaidMeToSayThis


Lol what yall know about this?


#toinfinityandbeyond🚀 I love you @mrsbease11


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