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❤️ you know what to do X


Ive been watching these slowly open. Why hurry when there is so many layers of beauty to appreciate along the way, every moment just as stunning as the next.... #slowdown #TakeYourTime 🌷💞🌸


Handwriting letters to ones I love who live far far away and have the wisdom to stay away from social media technology. I'm grateful to have you in my life, reminding me to take my time. To do things with great love. To care deeply for friendship. You won't see this. But some that do may be inspired to write in the way you've inspired many a great thing in me Marcus, Ana, Noa and Godinskie! 🌸🌷💌💞 True love is hand written mail. #takeyourtime #LoveTakesTime


And this is how we 'heart mist'! My delivery arrived!!
Get this, on my way to pick up my @shemana_elixirs order I got intercepted by 10 or so Yoni mapping sisters on a lunch date. The pure excitement of having their company and love made me so open and gushy I dropped the ball completely and half way between Mullum and Armidale I realised I'd forgotten the very thing I went to Mullum for!! Whoops!! At 'Intimacy' when I shared my story with Shemana's heart oil and had all the women just lift the cap and sniff it (!!) they too were in love enough to convince me to get the order shipped to Armidale. So it arrived today! Yes! Just in time! Oooohhh it's so delightful!
Breast massage heaven coming to the lucky loves of Armidale ❤️ BRISSY CREW, I'm picking our order up on the way back, I promise not to forget. You can pick your bottle up at Intimacy on the 9th of Sept. coming?? ❤️


Not the only thing blossoming in Armidale... it's been (it is!) SUPER chilli down here, but my heart is so warmed by the wonderful souls I've journey the inner worlds with over the past week! Workshops and classes complete (for now... I do feel a season two coming) ... Entering now into a couple more days of private clients and then slowly, after touching in with the great mummas natural landscapes here, I will yield my self away and into the return trip... I like it here... Thank you for your warm welcome Armidale! 💛 So much beauty here ✨

Castle Doyle, New South Wales, Australia

😍 Wow! What's in a name? I'll tell you... 'Exquisite Motion' (my embodiment workshop today in freezeballs Armidale!) most definitely superseded the immensity of delight I feel when I hear/read/taste/smell/devour the word Exquisite! If that was 'exquisite', exquisite just took a leap deeper into a whole new expansive love! Yes I'm feeling that post workshop high !
I only got this one photo of some of us today 😂😜🤗 ... (No time for cameras when your busy falling into the love you/we are!)
Journaling and debriefing with my sweetened center now, fireside, ginger lemon honey, candles... before bed comes bath, breast massage & radiance sutras meditation. Walking your talk is easy when your talk is 🌹p l e a s u r e 🌹and 'the body alive'! #blessup #thankyouspirit

Armidale, New South Wales

Damn it! Who are these facilitators who remember to take photos during the event? Y'all have your own photographers don't you!? Well I forgot to get photographic evidence of the immense beauty in the room tonight at episode 1 (!!!) of ... all I can show you is me finally in bed cuddling my plush yoni cushion with this grin on my face that is a total give away of the deep satiated hummm I'm feeling!
Women are AHmazing, pleasure is our natural state, yes you are normal, and hey guess what you are capable of some pretty far out stuff! Learn to open the body and find out how good you can feel! Not just for you, not just as an indulgence, Get this >> Your pleasure is your gift to this world. When you open you lead the way for others to open! 💥🔥⚡️💃 ! Thank you Armidale beauties for sharing an intimate eve with me ❤️ Tomorrow the dive into the feeling body continues! YES 😍👊🏽


You can't see her but mumma ocean can!
The naked beach frolic is always worth the risk of being stumbled upon by unsuspecting tourists! Today I got away with it 👌🏼 ... Remember being a young girl and getting about with no knickers on? Lifting your skirt at spontaneous intervals and flashing your fanny to the world? I remember! The joy rushed back in in this pose this morning 🤗 #sunsup #fannysout


Rearranged the car this morn so these guys could ride shotgun 😂 Road trippin to Armidale with these trippers! You cats crack me up! 🤣

Black Rock Campground


I spent an hour at Chermside today! Blarghhhhhh! It's my version of hell, people stuffing their faces in food courts with processed earth-destroying crap, mindless dispensing of dollars on overpriced poor quality sweatshop clothing, young women who's heart protection is as thick as their foundation, no one will look me in the eye! its a mad house of disconnect in there!

But not for me today! Today I turned the shopping mall into my altar and practised opening my body to the sensory rich, pleasurable experience of being! Just as the tantrikas did when they practised meditation at cremation sights.

What closes us is right where the true pleasure practise begins.

So as often as I remembered, as I went about my jobs, I felt my body. I felt my hands, the back of my neck, I felt my belly swell and empty with breath, I felt how my yoni responded to different sights and sounds, I felt the sensation in my chest, in my breasts. I felt how I felt when I walked passed different energy bodies. I opened to love, ie, life and welcomed what was. As often as I remembered! And when I came back time and again to softening it was so interesting to notice where in my body I had started to close.
We expect our bodies to be open to intimacy at the end of the day when our lover wraps us up, but how open can we really be if we have spent the whole day closing down? We yearn for full body orgasmic pleasure when we finally get round to touching ourselves but how can this be available when parts of our bodies are being rejected, labeled unattractive, ignored, shamed?

There is pleasure and opportunity to open to pleasure everywhere always. The warm up to your next intimate moment starts now and is alive ALWAYS.
If you want a juicy open life, you, YOU! have to be the one to activate it. Regularly!
Use times of closure to practise your willingness to feel. Bit by bit you will have more access to the rushing pleasures of life.
Much intrigue is flooding in, all you last minute bookers >> EARLY BIRD CLOSES AUG 26! Book today so I know you're with me! I can't wait to share with you ❤️ my FB page has the link xx pm me if you can find it x


Cuddles with little fletcher 😍 three weeks old today! Oooowwwwww, I could eat him! But you wouldn't, but you could, but don't... he's a baby for crying out loud leave him alone 😂 ! ... ? Anyway what I'm saying is he's adorable and I love him and that's that, forever! #dontwelookcutetogether #happyauntyjuju !


This is what happens when I think maybe I'll just do a quick little yoga vid 😂
My regular winter practice is very slow, mostly restorative. My energy & flexibility & strength have kicked it right back this season... but something is stirring and I'm feeling the call again for deeper stronger more vivacious flows! It's exciting... stay tuned for evidence of that ;) if I can keep on track/mat when the cameras on 😂