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In ‘Te Reo’, the language of the tangata whenua of Aotearoa (the original kaitiaki/caretakers of ‘new zealand’) the word Whenua is used to mean both land and placenta.
Placenta : That first connection to the mother blood, our earliest place of both anchor and nourishment. Home.
Land : birthed from the womb we emerge from our oceanic residence and meet our next anchor, the earth beneath our belly, and one day under our feet.
My nephew has his first birthday in a few days (teddy bear picnic today!). One year of anchor upon this soil, beneath Rangi, our Papa sky. May he grow up feeling the unwavering support of the land under his feet, tending to Papatūānuku - the maha mumma, with great love and respect, knowing with his whole being his holy and appreciated place in this community.
And may we, how ever far we have wandered, however lost we be, find our way back - Home. To know our place, our value and our indivisible unity with all life. To be kind. To caretake our bodies and the body of our earth. ... Happy almost birthday Fletcher ❤️ @beyondwordstherapy


Day eight : Wow that’s a week of a variety of practises shared !
There are as many ways to connect to your body and your pleasure to promote healing as there are beings upon this earth. If you want to dig deeper I suggest taking one of these practises or one of your own and making it a daily ritual. The old adage about digging for water in one spot ; one hole, straight down and your bound to hit water, but if you keep digging shallow holes all over the place you’ll only go thirsty. If I over load you the potency if any one of these practises gets lost...
So enjoy! (I’ll keep adding to the playlist, but even picking one or two songs for a period of time is another technique for depth.) For personalised practises specific to your needs check out the website, link in profile, for ways we might work together. ♡


Have you saved the date?

Steady. Silent. Simple. Slow. Solo.
Alone with the universe.
Renunciate it all and slide into shiva presence. Backbone.
You can book your ticket online via the web link in profile.
I’m looking forward to sharing this day with you.

Hands up who’s coming for one last dip in cosmic oneness with me before I venture on 👐🏽


Good morning ☀️ Day seven : Still building up that good good love! Coffee can’t touch dis ✨😂
I had fun this morning! Playlist up so you can enjoy a few tracks with me. *Oculus is your first drop in tune.

A favourite exploration of mine as an Embodied flow™️ facilitator is the embodiment of self at the edges of our physical form, our skin. In this first clip I’m waking up sensation in my skin by :
1. Slowing down.
2. Breathing easy
3. Exploring the continual wrap of my skin through fluid touch
4. Anticipating that touch, which brings more of my presence online which equates to heightened sensitivity
5. And filming my self.
There is much Eros for me in seeing my body explored, even/perhaps especially by my self. Exploring in front of a camera or a mirror adds a whole new element to play, but the trick is to stay anchored in your actual body, not the one in front of you. Stay curious it will keep you present. No jumping out of your felt experience to analyse or criticise your self!
And in the second clip I’m just having fun in my awakened skin 😋 Sassy sensual fun! And as I do that blood and Qi and lymph are moving, happy chemicals boosting, immune system tonifying, worries fucking off 😆
Etc ! We ought not underestimate the healing power of a good boogie!
With the last track for today, it’s back to skin touch to soak up that good good lovin’. To a certain extent it’s fine to have another guide us toward what we might like, in fact it might be crucial to have another assist you to move toward feeling safe in your body. But when we’re ready, if we want to effortlessly occupy the body we’re in while we’re in it, with total agency, total freedom, knowing how to make our selves feel good, how to create our own healing conditions is absolute imperative! ❤️ have fun x


Day Six : ☕️ vs 😽
Well there’s been little time for Pussy posts today. But I’m rocking the full body Qi sans coffee. No headache today, even amidst the constant rumble of diggers and the banging of hammers.
Here’s an interesting angle for today’s practises, let’s call it Shiva Pussy :
So with hammer in hand I feel a special kinda sexy today, it’s an erect, direct and purposeful kinda sexy. I love wearing a tool belt 😂 I love being capable and strong and logical and practical. My inner man totally makes me swoon.
But we need to be careful not to assume I name these traits, strong, direct, capable etc as ‘male’ traits. Not at all. I say ‘my inner man’ only to be playful. These traits/favours are born of masculine energy but by that I do not mean ‘the energy of he whom has a penis’. ‘Masculine energy’ sequesters itself in BOTH man and woman.

In Tantra we speak of Shiva and Shakti. Simply put, Shiva is the steady direct conscious presence that permeates everything, and Shakti is the everything, wild colourful emotional chaotic. To the Tantrika both Shiva and Shakti is what we all are, what this whole shabang called life IS. The interplay of opposites.

And so to take that concept and make use of it we can explore acceptance of the entire range of flavours along that spectrum through embodiment.
When I’m being hands on and getting it done on site (masculine) every now and then I can switch to feeling (feminine) my body. It is total bliss to feel supported by Shiva presence through my erect spine and the immense sense of purpose in the task at hand, and to simultaneously soften my Heart Yoni and my whole feeling body around this pillar of support and surrender and receive. It’s self Sex to the max. And it’s so nourishing.

Above are two mudras, one is Shakti mudra the other Shiva lingam mudra. Can you guess which is which?
Practise sitting with these for ten minutes each, see if you can feel the different energy they evoke... If you feel you need a little Shiva in ya ;) ;) practise Shiva lingam mudra. If you wanna open up to Shakti, practise Shakti mudra.


For my grandchildren 💛
(And I’m posting this again because even though I went over it again and again still, spelling mistakes!!!! I know I’m terrible, I write fast and hit send. I’m not so bothered. But I know out there in front of the screens lurk those who can not stand grammatical atrocities and poor spelling! ‘There’s spelling check on auto in the bloody phone Juliette!’ I know I know! Thank you for putting up with me 😆 and for not pointing out my wabi sabi 😋💛)


Day five: Pussy practise
Opening the passageway - Womb to Vocal.
Pussy practise playlist at bemoveddaily starts with ‘Shiva Manas Puja’ today.
Today’s flow
1. Tuning in : breath awareness, setting the tone for practise.
2. Joint mobilisation : where one bone meets another in joint space there is potential for stagnation, as we age it’s common for our joints to loose their juiciness and therefore we loose our fluidity, or is it the other way? 🐔vs🐣 It is vital we nourish the joint spaces by keeping them moving through all possible ranges of motion. For the first three songs today I stretched and opened in classic yogi ways to begin then flowed into movement through the joints, playful, curious - ‘what do my elbows do, what do my knees do, my hips, my spine’ etc... Play in seated, in a low lunge, squat, table top, standing, whatever : explore movement to free up the joint spaces. As we move we unlock vibration in the body - Sound. Because we may have been told to “be a good girl” and some of us raised to be “seen and not heard”, many have gagged this natural spontaneous healing pathway. As you move try it out, make sound to match how you feel, it might feel odd at first as you ‘unblock the pipes’ so to speak, but eventually it will feel so guuuuud! Kinda like when you’ve been holding in a wee and you finally get to go! 🙊
3. After all this I sat, my hands on heart and womb and sung this delicious song by @maryastark ‘voice of my womb’
4. Then I did what you see a snippet of in this first video. Internal mouth and jaw massage. Warning ⚠️ It’s intense, and stirring, and there’s likely to be lots of painful spots, be gentle. Rest after. And then either lye down and rest or sing @maryastark song again, and then rest. Rest is key... *continued briefly in comments*


Sing ❤️


😽 vs ☕️ : Day four no coffee.
The headaches haven’t been fun but the pleasure practises have been incredible.
Not craving coffee at all and already feeling more juicy and vital.
I hope these practises give you ideas for your own. A few more songs on the pussy playlist today. (This mornings practise starts with the song *luna*) { Practise }
1. Inspired by a beautiful sharing from my dear friend and beautiful teacher @highvibeyoga : heart to womb, womb to heart. Opening to the pathways of communication between these sister organs.
2. Modified from a favourite Qi gong practise to include yoni & breast connection : Start with breath to womb, then circle arms, drawing in the energy of Papatūānuku (land/mother) into the hands (like suction cups) and visualise/feel earth Qi spiraling up through the legs to the pelvic bowl. Flip the hands as you gather Rangi Qi, energy of the sky into the hands and straight down the spine. Draw this potent Qi down into the body, landing the hands at the lower belly. Drink this Qi in through your hands into the belly and pelvis then spread over the pubic mound, down the yin sides/insides of the legs and up the yang/back sides of the legs. Bring the Qi to nourish the kidneys, rolling up and spreading the nourishment to the breasts. Breath here and begin again.
3. Third practise is pussy in the sun and drinking the sun Qi into my Yoni and spine, spilling into the rest of my body. (*I used this song and the movement to grieve old loves as that is what arose for me. Feeling residual ‘I don’t want to let you go’ in my Yoni and whole body. The sun was a soothing support as I let it be ok just to feel ‘but I don’t want’.)
4. Tender loving touch.
5. Surrender. Squats to feel my power and surrender into the intensity of that power. Yoni mudra, bowing down. Forward fold to settle. And repeat. Powering up and softening in.
6. Rest, drink a lot of water, sigh, be grateful to have the luxury of time to nurture self!
Another day deliciously and potently begun.... And again, I hope this is useful as I’m doing my practise first then again to record this for you 😅❤️ ... May it be a resource of technologies to awaken and inspire you 🙏


My mooji.
I call you mine because that is how
I wish it to be.
Just for one
moment together.
I wish to draw you into my heart
and to snuggle up there with you,
just you.
Just you
and me
and eternity.
And I will look you in the eyes
and say,
I love you guruji
and when you say “I love you too”
it will be an ‘I love you’ that no other has uttered and felt and known so absolutely.
And I will look at you
and watch -
the universe talking to its self.
And we will laugh.
How funny it is
that the world
would crave so deeply
to hear itself say “I love you”
to itself.
... I love you guruji. ...
- a love poem from the universe (as it appears here in this ‘juliette’ which isn’t really) ;) x
📸 @mooji.official


Pussy practise : Which we can also call pussy care. TCM styles this morning.
1. Water, of you want a juicy pussy you need to hydrate yo self
2. Three yin crossing, three finger widths from the malleolus (ankle bone) : Moxa both legs, a few minutes each, till nice and toasty (ask your acupuncturist where you can buy moxa sticks. If you’re in Brisbane the Chinese herbal place in The Valley on the corner of the mall. *Or sans moxa, stimulate/massage this spot, opening the flow of energy at the meeting point of the three yin pathways in the legs.
3. Nourishing spleen chi. Upward stokes along the inside line of the legs, leaning in along the top of thigh. Touch here will top you up on those ‘home baked, big breasted, generous lovin mumma’ vibes.
4. Releasing tension and bringing blood and chi flow to the pelvis, legs, lower back by freeing up the sacred Sacrum. (Its Key!) 5. Making space. Attention to tensions, the guide ropes around the front of the pelvis and pubic bone, releasing the belly at the gateways of the gut tube left side into the lower intestine, right into the bowel... note : intention and presence is most important, be curious and relaxed in your touch if you want your body to respond with relaxation.
6. Holding yoni, holding heart, breathing, listening, welcoming - all feelings! Shaming, denying, avoiding NONE, welcome welcome welcome, I love you, I hear you, I thank you.
Now for those of you who are thinking... ‘This is a bit weird 🙄 Where’s the sexy af juicy grindy lacy-underwear etc pussy practise I expected (?) Well... 1 : We don’t need more pressure to ‘fake it till we make it’ so I refuse to make out that my life is that way daily and you should be like me other wise you won’t get the honeys & the benjamins 😂
& 2 : It’s very important that we tend our self love, build trust and general flow of well being. When that is full then the kinkier wild aspects of sex can be played into freely and expansively without upsetting boundaries and compromising safety. We don’t want to TAKE from her, override or push her.
& 3 : The immense potency cultivated by keeping somethings private ought not be underestimated 😋💕


And incase you’re wondering :: my magic replacement beverage that totally gives me that morning satisfaction that coffee does so well ... ✦carob ✦masons mushrooms @superfeast (get about it!) ✦maca
✦cayenne pepper
✦coconut milk
.... all the good stuff ♡