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🌹 Temple night awaits you 🌹
✥April 28th ✥ 6:30pm ✥ Paddington, BRISBANE

Make no mistake, this is no pseudo spiritual event for elite tantric priestesses only (although they too are welcome of course!) THIS is an embodiment training for EVERY woman! Based on my studies of Embodied Flow™️, the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and my study and work as pelvic health and sexual wellbeing body worker, this is an epic collection of practises designed to wake you into your totality.
Yes the place will be dripping in roses and smelling of essential oils, yes there will be endless candles, and YES there will be quality information, conversation and practises that crack open the doors to deep change. .
PM me to get your name on the door for this super special event ♡ .
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🌿 Private Retreats 🌿
2 nights : 2 full days. One to one therapy. Spa treatment. Yoni mapping. Pleasure school. Rest & Nature connection. Half price in May June & July // $650... 📩 Juliette.mcconachy@gmail.com for details
The world is speaking to you in a language only you can understand. She calls to you in the dark of night and tugs at you throughout your days. But you’re too busy rushing ahead, trying to gather more credit and tick more boxes so that maybe, somewhere in a future that only seems to get further away, you might finally validate your immense worth and stop for a moment, to smell the roses, to feel your body, to listen to the wild whisper “You always were enough! There are important secrets I need to share with you. Things only your ears can hear, only your heart can feel. All that you are searching for is right here.... I have a job for you, a sacred quest. Do not go through life without attending to it.” .
You have a relationship to this earth that needs tending. This is the relationship that will support all other relationships!
Yoni Spa Luxury Retreats bring you home to the wild to drench your self in soulful connection and return your heart to deep rest. From here the Whole Woman is birthed into being. You find your self in flow and on purpose, empowered and surrendered.
No more rushing women’s syndrome. No more depleted striving! It just doesn’t work! You won’t get where you want to go by push push pushing! .
One to one retreats this MAY JUNE & JULY half price // $650 down from $1300. Email me for details... #privateretreats #retreat #yoni #luxury #soulcraft #connection #sunshinecoast #therapy #wilderness #bushcraft #surrender #trust #embody #empowerment #womenswork #scaredsexuality #sex #health #wellbeing #woman 🙏 @embodied.living for the image and the space to flow this offering out into the world. 👭 #sister ❤️


🌹 Temple of Touch 🌹
Just another image of another epic altar around which another night of deep delicious unfurling, discovery, embodiment and evolution occurred.
Are you coming to our Saturday night FREE EVENT in two weeks from now? .
It’s likely you’ll leave with a handful of roses, a heart full of joy and a body deeply awakened to its natural surging pleasure.
Email me your name to book in and I’ll send you details for the event.
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I teach not because I know something you don’t
but rather
to curate with you
a space for us all to
begin again from source.
I teach to point you to you.
To give you answers? No thank you! I don’t want that responsibility. 🤪
I have my own questions to sit in. Yours are yours,
they are sacred,
they will guide you.
I only want to suggest pathways of connection, ways of arrival & return.
It is in steeping ourselves in the palpable full body/being experience of ‘unknowing’ that we are unified in the belly of the beast of what this ancient & evolving technology called yoga eludes to.

Yoga is set up for people to know god, to experience the unified field, to find themselves etc ... whether totally new to yoga or deep in your practise beginning at a beginning is of benefit to all.

Come and learn a bunch of stuff that will assist you in the unlearning. Create a relationship with yoga that goes deeper than shapes in a space. *Potential ego gratifying side effects such as tighter buns included in intro package.
Warning : To enter the yoga culture is to enter a paradoxical realm of “egoless” egos 😂 Don’t worry we’re all the same and it’s ok if your just here for the abs... god is also abs!
INTRO TO YOGA : 6week course @ Santosha Yoga Space Paddington STARTS THIS WEEK.
BOOKINGS AT www.santoshayoga.com.au

P.s here’s a picture of a monkey you may not know is you! All that and more as you unfold into this wacky science called Yoga!
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“I tried to drown my sorrows but the bastards learnt to swim” ... Frida Kahlo
Perhaps you don’t need to heal your wounds! Perhaps your wounds are sacred engravings to live beside, to carry with you into life, into love, to show the world ‘hey, I bleed too. I am, we are, vulnerable. My coat has been stained by hopes dashed, the ashes of my dreams scattered countless times on the path ahead. I am bound to fly and fall and those two are not separate things.’ Perhaps if we keep our wounds close, when we hold out our hands, trembling as they may be, we might instead be recognised by the others as the one inside their very own heart. Quivering under fierce and constant hands of change.
It is that we do indeed break that shows us our wholeness.
It is finding that we are lost, that lets us know, in deep yearning, there is a place we call home. .
Perhaps we don’t need to “heal our wounds” but to walk beside them.
and sovereign.


SISTAHhhhhs! 💃🏿💃🏻💃

Moaning groaning wild women and those of us who yearn to be!! (Which is us all, we can always go deeper!)

THIS 👆🏽👆🏽 is coming up!
All y’all need to do to book in is email me your name and the names and email addresses of any girl friends coming with you, and I’ll put your name on the door and email you the invite with event details (what to wear etc)
If these kinds of things tempt but frighten you, let me self proclaim that I have a wicked sense of humour and a way of translating this work that is approachable lighthearted and unpretentious! Gentle encouragement to those wishing to stretch their boundaries. ♥️ See you there! ... slurp! .
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The Crème de la crème of offerings : YONI SPA LUXURY RETREATS 💎🌸💦 It’s Yoni therapy with icing on top!! Be one of the first women to steep deep in this offering. Yoni Spa luxury retreats are here!
This two day retreat includes: ⧊Yoni steam
⧊Private Spa
⧊Private Sauna
⧊Zenthai shiatsu & therapeutic touch for women (full body massage)
⧊Personal Pleasure school
⧊Gentle restful yoga + meditation ⧊Yoni mapping ⧊Ceremony ⧊Organic Wholefoods ⧊S P A C E ⧊Nature ⧊Time to integrate ⧊and so many personal gems of discovery, connection, relief and delight.

The key part of this is T I M E and that oh so luxurious thing we call S P A C E , to really drop deep into your relationship to your body and make the lasting changes you so yearn to make. No more rushing! If your like most women you’re in debt a whole lot of self nourishment. Clear the schedule beautiful woman and dip deep in honouring you. This is revolutionary!
Retreats will be half price for May June and July while this is birthed into being. Contact me direct for more info.... 🌸 .
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♦️Temple of Touch♦️
Tonight (week 3 ) : Pelvis & Jaw. Womb & Heart. Honey and tar. ▽ Cleaning out the muck tucked into tissues, sequestered in joint space, bound in bone & crawling in our skin. ▽ Detoxing shame, anger, disgust, pain. ▽ Clearing the chalice for the nectar of pure being to pour like honey through corridors of bone, overflowing into flesh cushioned chambers of Heart & womb : The oracles of woman. Right here, deep inside the Temple, safe.... ▽ It was a wild and vulnerable night to say the least.
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⧊ It was like that each time I touched her.
I came away dripping in sunlight.
She had opened her self so wide to life that god was spilling out.
💎Temple of Touch💎
Principle One of Embodied Flow™️ yoga : The body is the vehicle for awakening.
It’s time to wake up to your self! And where better to wake up than in a room full of beautiful woman dripping in luxury and romance... The opulence and the ecstasy you seek is in you as you. Stop chasing it out there. It starts in here 👉🏼💛👈🏼
APRIL 28th PADDINGTON BRISBANE : FREE TASTER Before intake opens for the next 6 week course beginning in May. .
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♦️ LOOK ♦️
This is how tenderly she teaches us boundary.
See the way these droplets, upon such exquisite flesh, still maintain their membrane. .
Can you do the same?
Kiss the flesh of such beauty. And remain.
Contained. Yet changed.
For surely the flesh has softened in the moisture and the droplets smell sweet of the rose.
I want to be like that with love.
Learn to affirm and soften your outer membrane, so you have agency over when to loose yourself and when to contain.
This and more at :
♦️Temple of Touch♦️ Pleasure school for women.
FREE INTRO NIGHT APRIL 28th : Stay tuned!


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