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#NationalGeographic #explorer and #Photographer. Nat Geo TV Host. Storyteller. Founder of @ACCESScampaign

My view last night driving home from a friends house here in LA of all places!


It’s super rare to have someone photograph me doing anything since I’m generally the one behind the camera. Thanks for the pic @svahie !! - @prana @wildcountry_official


Apparently he should have taped his hands... mine don’t fit if I tape them... I guess that means something. @matthew_parent climbing More Funky Than Monkey 5.11c


Every once in a while I like to shoot moody vibes. Even if it doesn’t “fit” my instagram. But who shoots just for instagram anyway? - @tanyareutt


It’s been a while since I’ve shot night photos in Jtree. Kinda itching to get back out there!


Desert friends


#adventurebabe @natalie_jane1125 in Jtree yesterday.


This may in fact be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me. And when it comes from @litpixel its extra special because he’s not easy to impress.
//repost @litpixel ・・・
This is Ben. @benhortonphoto for those that follow his Instagram. If ye don't already you really should. I like this image cos this is Ben when he's not doing what he's known for. That's visiting exotic and remote places, most times with a beautiful companion and taking extraordinarily gorgeous photographs. Ben is an explorer. That's right. You can actually grow up to be an explorer. I can't remember any of my career guidance teachers telling me that was an option when I was in school. But I've been lucky enough to tag along with this man the last few months and it's been cool. Cos not only has it been mind bogglingly impressive watching him literally jump into and off things that'd terrify most folk, his energy, perseverance and professionalism are a lesson to everyone. On top of all that he's just a great guy. It's not always the physical hardships that make these shoots difficult. They can be psychologically exhausting for all sorts of reasons. Ben makes things better, and more fun. He's just one of those people. A good looking, adventure seeking, life loving Nat Geo photographer and explorer who also happens to be a great guy. Absolutely sickening!

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Big brother @hortoncreates is gearing up to go on a three month sailing trip. ( @valkyrie_voyage ) Lucky I got a few surf sessions in with him before he takes off!


Took a few video clips of swimming with the turtles at electric beach the other day. With @natalie_jane1125 and @hortoncreates #hawaii #underwater #freediving


@natalie_jane1125 soaking in one last #freediving session before our flight yesterday. .
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Most of my surfing has been about bigger and scarier, and most surf photography is the same. It was super fun to head out in some small waves and just experience pure fun and feel a different personality of the ocean. It’s also a different vibe, everybody is rooting for each other, sharing waves, and making friends. @vanceexstrom @jacqueexstrom .
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