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Mont Blanc South Face (4808m) and the Peuterey Ridge as they briefly emerged from the clouds - From Tête des Fra, Italy - pencil on paper... the drawn image is 8cm wide!

Mont Blanc, Chamonix, France

Aiguille de Bionnassay (4052m) at sunset yesterday.
I've tried photographing this mountain from so many different angles and it usually just looks like a pimple stuck to Mont Blanc... finally from Bionnassay village I think I 've found an angle that shows the mountain to its true value!

Chamonix, France

Tom Coney on the dicey knife edge North Ridge of the Weisshorn (4506m) - I'm looking almost straight down on Tom here with pretty big drops either side of him. I was wedged in a precarious position trying not to slip off myself!


Valentine approaching the summit of Castor (4223) after a cold and early start from the Rossi Bivouac... had to make sure we were on the summit for sunrise! ..
Looking forward to getting back into the big mountains once all this snow settles down!!


Aiguille Verte (4122m) at sunset, Chamonix - having skinned from the valley floor up to Brevent after the pistes closed Valentine and I got to wait in a biting wind for sunset.. worth it as always though!!

Chamonix, France

Valentine at sunrise on the Dent Blanche (4357m) .
This was back in September - Having been told by the guardian there was only a dusting of snow we were a bit under-equipped for climbing on rime ice and up to 50cm drifted snow. It was also much colder than forecast - we stuffed silk sleeping bag liners down our trousers for extra warmth! Here at sunrise we arrived at the first delicate step in the South Ridge and the first hint of warmth.

Dent Blanche

Mont Pourri (3779m) at sunset - second highest summit of the Vanoise, France. .
Valentine and I were touring in the Beaufortain on Wednesday and took this photo. Yesterday we tried to get to the summit of Mont Pourri for sunset to get a photo of Mont Blanc... got to 3000m before turning round due to sketchy snow, wind and clouds!! I reckon 1/2 our missions to get photos end like this.. which is why the book has taken 7 years!! Must come back though as it is a beautiful mountain despite its unfortunate name!


Tom Coney on the Wiesshorn North Ridge (4506m).
Soon after sunrise we were on this beautiful snow crest with the massive east face dropping off to our left. It’s hard to comprehend the scale to the entire ridge. On a small screen can you even see Tom ahead of me?
These are the kind of moments I live for though...


Light matters! - Valentine on the SE face of Mont Buet, Chamonix!

Chamonix, France

Last rays of sunset yesterday over over the Aiguille du Midi - Chamonix !! The mountains took a plastering over the last couple of days and today was bluebird powder... February though.. time to sneak off to the quieter corners...!

Chamonix, France

Aiguilles du Tour (3540m) and Aiguille Purtscheller (3474m) at sunset - Chamonix

The right of the twin summits is actually one of the introductory classics of the region via the fun and easy route on the back side!! I wonder if anyone can work out where this is taken from... hmmm.

Chamonix, France

Valentine on the NE face of Liskamm (4527m) at sunrise.
Nice place to stop for a breakfast?!