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Noooooo! 😫 Flush-cut cutters down! My favorite snips bite the dust. 😔
#snapon #broken


Aluminum work on some of the Jeep accessories. #projecthawkeye


Defrost vents going in on the dash! Getting the heater water lines run, and the vents routed. All the fun little details! #projecthawkeye


Both front and rear brake lines nailed down. On to the rest of the plumbing. Hopefully we can get this thing fired up soon! #projecthawkeye


Knocking out brake lines on the Willys today. I like to plot all of the difficult sections with 1/8” or 3/32” aluminum tig rod first to make the actual brake lines easier. This stuff takes a while no matter how you do it, but it’s a lot of fun if you take your time.


Getting settled in at our new spot. One bite at a time. My inclination is to drop everything and work until the jobs done. But with a bunch of long term jobs in a row at the shop, it has been a good learning experience in step by step method. Don’t get me wrong I still struggle with the balance, but I guess slow improvement is better than none haha.


Well, I got the gates installed this weekend. Still have to install the latches once they are back from powder, but I’m happy with how they fit up.
It has been fun switching it up on the weekends with this ornamental work.
But I’m happy to get back to being 💯 focused on finishing the Willys.


Bumpers front and rear all wrapped up. Wanted to keep it simple and stay with the factory Willys look. The front is acting as the cross member so it had to be welded on.
Square edges, straight lines. I couldn’t bring myself to use C channel, had to go with rectangular tube.
Nothing fancy, just bullet proof.


How’s this for a shop dog? This is my main man Cash, 100+ pounds of demon dog straight from Croatia. He’s a teddy bear, but every time I see him walking around the corner when it’s been a while since I visited his shop, I fear for my life a little haha. 😳
#CaneCorso #protectiondog #shopdog


Two down in two days! Back on the Willys project tomorrow, but met my goals this weekend. Couldn’t be happier.
#welding #fabrication


Friend: What are you doing on your day off?
Me: Day off?
Friend: Yeah.
Me: 🤔Ummmm, yeah. For the near future that’s not a thing.
#NoOneCaresWorkHarder #whatweekend


While everything is broken down for the move, I thought I would show off the bed frame I built a few years ago. I’ve posted it up before but it has been years so it never hurts to repost for those who haven’t seen it.