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PHOTO SOLD FOR @ivanroudyk
Electrica Records & @ivanroudyk present their brand new single Clayton Bryant 'Will You Care' (Ivan Roudyk Mix). The song was written by the American composer and singer Clayton Bryant.
The concept of the song appeared in Clayton's mind during his performances in Moscow. Then the track was produced by the New York producer Brandon Bost, finally presented to the audience in 2015. A year later, the single passed into the hands of Russian DJ & Producer Ivan Roudyk.
Ivan liked the song so much that he asked the American singer to make a remix, signing a contract on Electrica Records label.

Ivan Roudyk: 'I just fell in love with the song, it's gorgeous!
I have listened to it more than 100 times, with every new turn realizing that it's that rare case, when the song and the singer are a perfect fit! I have never ever worked with a artist who was nominated for Grammy Award, whose experience include collabs with the stars like: Elton John, Ashford & Simpson, and Roger Daltrey.' Clayton Bryant: 'I wrote this song in 2014 in February, when I was in Moscow. In a dark hotel room. I was thinking about life. The human race what would we do if we really didn't care about each other. Thinking about how connected we really are. The song 'Will You Care'- has a very deep meaning. This is a song about love, kindness, faithfulness and about the most important milestones of one's life. I have listened to Ivan's works and I got very curious about what this song can turn into becoming a dance remix'. The creation process took 1.5 years, eventually released only in July 2018.
The new version of 'Will You Care' - is an unbelievable mix of vocal, beatiful melody, groove, many interesting parts with classical instruments: strings, and funk guitar. Due to the strong deep bass and drum lines, remix turned out to be very rhythmic and dancing.

Available on: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Beatport, IGTV, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc.

Written by Ivan Roudyk
Lyric & Vocal by Clayton Bryant
Produced by Ivan Roudyk
Copyright: Electrica Records
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Bess Hamiti

Batllava Lake is a lake located in the territory of the municipality of Podujevo near the village of Orllan.

Batllava Lake has a maximum depth of 48 meters. In this lake is a water extraction center. It has three levels (bottom, middle and close to the water surface). The best water is from the middle. Water from the plant, then goes to the factory that is on a nearby mountain. It is guarded by KFOR. There water is introduced for cleaning, chlorination and then dispersed through two tubes. One pipe goes to Pristina (Half of Pristina is supplied with it), which has a capacity of 1000 liters per second. The other tube goes to Podujevo, which has a capacity of 250 liters per second. In one year the Lake Water Supply draws 34 million tons of water. Batllava has a surface of 3.29 km

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Bess Hamiti

Syri i Kaltër (Blue Eye)

The Blue Eye is a water spring and natural phenomenon occurring near Muzinë in Vlorë County, Albania. A popular tourist attraction, the clear blue water of the river bubbles forth from a stunning, more than fifty-metre-deep pool. Divers have descended to fifty metres, but it is still unclear what the actual depth of the hole