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✨Bethany Cosentino✨ (Bobb Bruno @bobb_brujo 🍔)

you’re welcome ⚾️


avant-garde son


The @lacroixwater party at Coachella this year is wild


absolutely not at all a staged studio photo (but like in all seriousness I actually am a keys wizard you can even ask Bobb!) 📷 @bobb_brujo


Happy National Pet Day from the pets of Best Coast! From today until Friday, we’ll be donating 10% of merchandise proceeds to the @ASPCA! Everything in our store is 20% off, all Snacks items are 50% off, and all orders over $50 receive free domestic shipping. Link in bio.


chopped all my hair off and went to a Jurassic Park parody musical - life is kEwL.


thanks @shopmedmen for including me in your campaign to abolish “stoner” stereotypes. It’s fully possible to be a tough woman that gets shit done while also enjoying a good weed induced LOL sesh from time to time 😎


in honor of the return of one of the greatest trash heaps television has ever offered us- a walk down memory lane of @djpaulyd presenting Bobb and I with an MTV Woodie Award in 2012. I asked him for a hug and well just look at us go... (thank you to the wonderful young people of the internet that helped me find this)


2011 on set with @drewbarrymore during the “Our Deal” music video shoot. Forever grateful for the magic she made for us #tbt


I’m with the kids 🧡 #marchforourlives


she’s a smart guy


got real emo on Twitter the other night about this song because sometimes i listen to it (shocking, I know!) and SO specifically remember the way I felt when I wrote it. Love is so intense and special and scary and beautiful all at the same time and I’m thankful that songwriting has given me the ability to talk about that. Also so thankful that the shit I sing about rings true to other wonderful people all across this globe- see here the beautiful @kllymdln + @chronicoles_ dancing to “No One Like You” at their wedding and stabbing me with joy and hope in my damn heart ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for letting me soundtrack so many of your lives 😇


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