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They’re immediately recognizable. Giraffes, with their long necks and eyelashes, beautifully patterned coats and calm, quiet curiosity are everyone’s favorites. Why then are they quietly sliding into decline? 40% of their population has disappeared in only 30 years. That’s really quick and really worrying. Habitat loss and degradation is a big factor, but they lose out to poachers and civil unrest as well. Once again it seems that protecting the land will halt the declines of so many species. But with growing human populations, that land protection becomes more difficult by the day. #WorldGiraffeDay is here to remind us to stick our necks out for these unique animals. We have the responsibility to reverse this decline. Are we going to take on that responsibility? #giraffes


That perfect morning light - almost doing justice to Fig’s beautiful daughter. #littlebigcats #leopard #leopardcoloured


Liquid eyes staring patiently from a bush, waiting for the pride to come back from a hunt. Little cubs are full of energy and want desperately to play, but they know that without the protection of the adults, they cannot stray on their own. They learn discipline from a very young age. #littlebigcats #lioncub #bigeyes


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Last year we couldn’t make the #NatGeoFest due to a certain herbivore. It’s wonderful being back amongst so many inspiring and driven people all with the common goal of fixing the wrongs of the world. It’s an honour to share this space with you and thank you all for the incredible support during those difficult days last year. It helped more than you’ll know. Thanks to @joelsartore for the photo. Another species that you’ve documented for #PhotoArk! What number is this?


Getting fleeting scents of his pride, tawny head raised to the sky. There may be buffalo all around but he’ll still recognize those few molecules that will direct him back to the lionesses. #okavangolions #thisismytrophy


The outrageously gorgeous, squawking, squacco heron. I love their clean lines and understated colours that make them stand out against the green of the swamps that they inhabit. Despite that, the way they sit so still during the day means that they can be easily missed until you disturb them. They are just one of those very familiar sights in the Okavango that remind me so fondly of home. #yearofthebird #squaccoheron #birding #birdingbotswana


There’s no place like the #Okavango. Large herds of buffalo can still be found, and despite our unfortunate interaction with one of these animals last year, seeing them out in this land as they should be, as part of a healthy and functioning ecosystem, makes my heart glad. #beautifulafrica #buffaloherds #spacefornature


Little playful, bouncy scrap of a rhino - born into a land safe from poachers. This is one of a dozen rhino calves born to the #rhinoswithoutborders animals that have been moved to safety from poaching hotspots. This is something to truly celebrate this #worldenvironmentday. It’s important that we know that our actions in this world have impacted so many other species; that we put them at risk of extinction through our daily needs and wants. But it is equally as important to know that we can be more responsible and live in a sustainable manner and do what we can to right the wrongs that are happening. Welcome to the world little rhino. You are evidence that the generosity and determination of many, can change the future in a wonderful way!


Clouds of pink contrasting with the green of a Kenyan lake. Flamingo colonies are always a breathtaking sight - especially from the air where their takeoff trails are clear and the shapes of these flocks change constantly. #flamingos #flock #aerial #naturalpatterns


Pristine whiskers which will help guide her way in the dark night and inky blotches on golden fur to help her become invisible in dappled shade. There is something absolutely magical about leopards, and Fig’s cub is the epitome of this feline beauty. #leopard #thisismytrophy #perfectcat


A hard earned meal is not necessarily something to linger over. Hyaenas are incredibly efficient hunters but they will take any chances that they get. Just look at the flat ears and claws on that lion! #chances #lionvshyena


The predator instinct kicks in for Fig’s cub, despite the fact that her mother has provided this meal. There’s still time to practice some pouncing techniques before eating, and this practice is the start of her education in learning to hunt for herself. #figtheleopard #maasaimara #Figscub #bigcats #thisismytrophy