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There’s no feeling that can match the slight shock when an apex predator looks directly into your eyes. As well as we know these cats’ behaviours and the knowledge of being safe in our vehicle, there’s a part of the brain that wakes up and recognizes a true predator staring back. #ThisIsMyTrophy #BigCats


There’s a very warm feeling that comes from seeing an endangered species begin to thrive again in a land where wildlife was much more scarce due to human activities. We’re happy to see the painted dog population growing in the Selinda Reserve since we started to manage the concession – due in large part to the success of their prey species as well. We welcome another year of puppies and wish them every success. #painteddogs #conservationworks


Duba Plains’ swamp cats on one of their many channel crossings. As they grow and hunt with the pride on this Okavango island, they will have to negotiate endless crossings. Some shallow and others so deep they will need to swim. Moving through so much water really strengthens their legs and these two, like the rest of the Duba pride, will eventually grow into some of the largest lions that can be found anywhere. #bigcats #swamplions #okavangolions #thisismytrophy


Swollen bellies and a very long drink after a huge meal. These cats are going to sleep deeply for some time! #thisismytrophy


Eclipse by elephant. #sunsetelephant #botswana


Happy to hear that the U.K is looking to phase out the sale of all ivory. As the world leader in exports of antique and currently legal ivory carvings, a move like this can go a long way in the protection of elephants. With 20 000+ elephants poached for their ivory annually, any trade suggests that this is ok. When ivory is seen to be beautiful only on elephants, then it is far more likely that we can still watch them at sunset in the years to come. #saynotoivory #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingcantoo


There's nothing like a visit from an old friend. #helloagain #knockknock


The remnants of a recent meal evident on his fur, one of the Tsaro males heads to water - eyes golden and fierce in the dawn sun. #dubaplains #tsaropride #okavangolions #thisismytrophy


It is hardly hanging from a thread - unlike the fate of the entire species. Due to the incessant poaching of rhinos for their horns, #rhinoswithoutborders has been moving dozens of rhinos to safety from poaching hotspots. Moving a two ton animal is no easy task and care must be taken not to stress the animal. A helicopter lift like this has been found to be the least stressful and gentlest way of moving them over a short distance. It is quick so less anesthetic is needed and the rhino can be on its feet again in no time. This #WorldRhinoDay we would like to thank you all for the support and donations which has made this project a success. We still have a lot of work ahead but there are tangible results and it has been amazing to see the work of this extraordinary team making a real difference in the world. To find out more, visit


Time waits for nobody. In the 6 months since @dereckjoubert and I have been away from Duba Plains, the seasons have changed. The waters have receded and risen again. The buffalos follow green grass; herds coming and going through the channels and islands. The egrets flock through golden light, thick with dust and mayflies and those powerful, muscled, regal Okavango lions still follow and watch closely for any opportunities. Duba Plains remains as we have always known it. Above all and without a shadow of a doubt, it remains our home and it is so good to be back in this land that carries on without us, but that keeps our souls always. #HomeAtLast


I took a seaside break with @dereckjoubert. A trip quite different for us but there is something very special about the Western Cape coast of South Africa with its massively productive ocean current, cold water and that kelp smell. As we spend most of our time in the dusty savannah, seeing the endless expanse of water is really refreshing and definitely invigorating. #ocean #saltyair