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"I was born to catch barrels!"
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Will is something that burns deep inside you...something that wakes you up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat thinking can I do it? Something that drives you to get up at 6am before school to work out at 12 years old...something that makes you work each and every day to be the best person and professional you can be...something that never leaves your body because you know your will is the thing that keeps you going until you are 6 feet under! I love adversity and the struggle because my will can drive me to incredible places that maybe even my mind couldn’t see! #WillFindsItsWay @underarmour


42! #JRD18


I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry! Happy Birthday to the best mom a boy could ask for! Hope you had a great day🎂🎉


I'm excited to announce that I am now a part of the @blindbarber family!  We had a blast shooting this video! Stay tuned for more. #StayHandsome


Wish I could’ve been there today to say my goodbyes, but I know we will all see you again! This one was for you!🙏🏼 #SM #CancerSucks


What it’s all about!🤟🏼 #TheHarpers


Live your best life.


“The Lord has a plan for us in this life..He knows us..He knows what is best for us!” Carlos A. Godoy


Talking with Mr. DC himself!🙌🏻 #RZ11


Just give me a fishin pole and some good country music!🙌🏻 #BassForDays


Congrats @stitchedlife for becoming the official clothing partner of THE @vegasgoldenknights! ❌❌❌❌ #OneTownOneTeam


Happy International Women’s Day! I’m so blessed to have such strong women in my corner each and every day! I love you all and wouldn’t be where I am today without you🙌🏻


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