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#endofsummer procrastinator
Happy Thanksgiving, lovers.


I hear they let you use colorful language here. @chelseahandler


So glad @philipbloom started the band photo tradition.
Will cherish these forever.


@julianwake on the right was Philip's lens mule in Africa and on the Colorado River shoot. He is the only one in this picture with the good sense not to wade barefoot around crocodiles.


Foodie, film buff and focus puller @hollyshootsandchefs was with us in Bhutan, Iceland, Netherlands and is among our favorite humans. Thanks Hol!


Between Philip and Joe, veteran @CNN photojournalist @neilhallsworth joined @equestf @julianquinone and me in cloudy Patagonia and was a blast to work with.
I believe @felipeguler is the only fixer who managed to make it into the band photo, but since he crashed his friend's drone into a Chilean fjord for us, he earned it.😁


On left, @equestf producer/human white panther
The kind of guy who thinks it would be hilarious to bring adidas suits to New Zealand so we could take this picture in Hobbiton. I love him.
And in green, @joesimon who joined as director for Alaska, Madigascar, New Zealand and Egypt and added his own brilliance to Philip's beautiful template. Thanks boys!


Enormous thanks to my Wonder Posse
Uber shooter/producers @julianquinones and @cassiusmk and @philipbloom who created the look of the show and taught me more about photography than anyone since my Dad.


Hope you enjoyed the Inca Trail, lovers and thanks for all the kind thoughts on the series finale.
If you liked #TheWonderList you'll love the behind the scenes supercut by @julianquinones in my bio. 
24 countries, 27 months, 185,973 GoPro red button pushes in under four minutes. It's awesome. 
Keep wandering!
Keep wondering!
Pic by @philipbloom


Amazing @gopro supercut of #thewonderlist travels across 24 countries by @julianquinones
What a ride!
Last show tonight at 9 on @cnn
#Repost @julianquinones
An hour and a half away from our #TheWonderList finale in Peru - thanks to all who have been kind enough to follow along with our journeys. So grateful for the opportunity to have traveled these roads, and worked with so many incredible people. Go see the world, it’s worth it! Full video link in bio


What a long, strange, beautiful, heartbreaking, invigorating, holy-shit-we-get-paid-to-do-this trip it’s been.
#Repost @equestf
One last, final last, wonder last Wonder List. Tonight at 9 PM on #CNN we take you to Machu Picchu Peru and that lake in the sky lake Titicaca, as well as Puerto Maldonado where the plight of illegal gold mining is killing the Amazon. It’s been one hell of a ride with @billweircnn @cassiusmk @julianquinones @philipbloom @joesimon @hollyshootsandchefs @mhwharton @editboynyc @karldawsonny @spelino @kaitlinwieners @rikikoudis @nicholaspacchiano and everyone else who rode with us these past three years, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you all, an education and experience like no other, and will be dearly missed. Special shot out to @cirocthecasbah who introduced me to this band of characters and fitting that the man who connected me is the one who edited tonight’s episode, Happy we’re going out together on this one brother. ✌️ (📸 @philipbloom )


#Repost @usinterior
On #VeteransDay, we say thank you to all the men and women who have served in our nation’s armed forces. Memorials across the country honor our brave veterans and make sure that we never forget their dedication and sacrifice. Photo of the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall and Memorial Parks in #WashingtonDC courtesy of Nathan Jones. #usinterior #findyourpark


‪Guys. ‬
‪49 across‬
‪(From a paper in Halifax, Nova Scotia!)‬


Headed to the strangest chain of islands I’ve ever hopped as #thewonderlist follows the Inca Trail from Bolivia to Peru
Join us!
Saturday at 9 on @cnn


Next up, llamas and lost Incan cities.
#TheWonderList follows the Inca trail from Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu to the Peruvian Amazon, all cursed by different kinds of gold fever.




Sorry about that.
Just when it was getting good...
Will try to get full version of tonight’s #thewonderlist on @CNNgo, Apple TV, VOD etc ASAP.
Please forgive the interruption and my pained screams


I have no idea what’s happening here.


89 minute warning!


Props to @equestf for producing tonight’s episode.
He also does a hilarious Murray from Flight of the Conchords impression which made traveling across New Zealand all the more delightful


This is a tui.
It sings in a supersonic range we can't hear and has feathers with an ultraviolet color our eyes can't see.
This one lives in Zealandia, a predator-free park surrounded by five miles of rat, mouse and weasel-proof fence.
New Zealand hopes to make the entire country predator-free by 2050, thus they carpet bomb the countryside with poison.
It's a fascinating story of man trying to put nature back the way we found it...tonight on The Wonder List


On #thewonderlist “Do you want to take the doors off?” are the greatest words you can ever hear from a pilot. @joesimon gets this. That is why tonight’s ep is so good!!!


“Don’t judge me.” #Repost @pumpkintheraccoon
#tbt to when Pumps and Toffee gave us cuddle goals.🎃🐶❤️Tag your cuddle buddy! Xo


Humble reminder that the Trump administration want to triple the entry fee to Yellowstone and other national parks (to $70) while slashing the Park Service budget by $300 million.
If you love and use America’s Best Ideas, now might be a good time to speak up.
#Repost @usinterior
It’s National #Bison Day. We can’t think of a better way to honor our national mammal than with this amazing pic at Yellowstone #NationalPark (@yellowstonenps) of a lone bison walking across Grand Prismatic Spring. #Yellowstone is the only place in the U.S. where bison have continuously lived since prehistoric times. Take the #YellowstonePledge to do your part to protect the park. Photo courtesy of Stephen and Alicia Freeman (@reservation_confirmed). #FollowTheRulesNotTheBison #usinterior #findyourpark


Oooh, the water.
The stuff and staff of life is a key character in the final two episodes of #thewonderlist
New Zealand Saturday at 9 and Bolivia/Peru November 10 on @cnn


Psst. What’s in the secret pyramid chamber, Humpy? Whatcha got in there?


Have a mint before you learn the Maori handshake. #newzealand #thewonderliat
Saturday night at 9 on @cnn


New Zealanders invented bungee jumping on this bridge so it was a good place to lose my bun-ginity