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Sin: “Marco!”
Me: “POLO!”


BREAKING nation of Argentina officially changes name to “Messi”


This is Robert. For almost a decade he lived on a park bench until some angels in orange windbreakers came along and saved his life.
Click the link in my bio and see the story that may change the way you think about American homelessness.


Busted a tool shed squatter.


Iceland or Argentina?
Vikings or the tango?
Puffins or capybaras?
Geysers or Patagonia?
Looking back at my pics, I love them both so.
Rooting for a tie. #worldcup


Tour of the kitchen #alaska


Such a great trip with @julianquinones and @eveliocontreras
We saw a grizzly too!
Maybe next year we’ll see pizzly cubs.
#Repost @julianquinones
Finally coming up for air after a four day stretch in the arctic circle. Here we are in Kaktovik, about a mile upwind from this local Polar Bear, and a couple of thousand miles of sea ice over the North Pole from Russia!


In the next few days, over 200,000 caribou will pour through valleys like this and onto the Alaskan coastal plain where the Arctic wind provides mosquito relief. It is America’s Serengeti—delicate site of one of the last mass migrations of big mammals left on earth and a nesting ground for birds heard in the backyards of all 50 states. Presidents Eisenhower and Carter moved to keep the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge wild forever...but some think that there could be 9 billion barrels of oil under the tundra. After Sen. Lisa Murkowski slipped a drilling provision into the December tax cut bill, the Trump administration is in the process of leasing 800,000 acres for drilling and the 60-year battle over ANWR is raging once again.
The public comment period ends Tuesday and while the link is painfully difficult to find in the creaky BLM website, I found it. Link in bio.


I signed your name with a river. (Had trouble with the o, v and a. @iconicolives )


It was like this for hours.