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happy holiday 🙃


@choadped is da best. 🦇#birdhousesaturdays
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While we are on the subject... here’s a line from today of @clivejdixon


@clivejdixon using this spot for all it’s worth #birdhousesaturdays
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@davidloy is no stranger to top rope scenarios. He’s been doing it since he was a baby boy so you know he felt right at home (nearly in the rafters) on this alleyoop wall crawl assisted by @edduff 🏍️ #birdhousesaturdays
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@clintwalker grinding and taking the plunge in downtown OKC. @dirtwad decided not to hit record on the first make so clint cleaned it up a little the second time around 😂 #birdhousesaturdays
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@aaronjawshomoki heavy bs 5050 in the PNW made possible with the support of @choadped ❤️
Video: @chrisvarcadipane


@shawnhaleyeah has got his own way of skating and we love it. Here’s a throw back to his “Hail Mary” part. Wallie 180 switch crook the other side of the hubba.
Video: @bo_def_son @davehoang


@tonyhawk’s latest part might have all been filmed on his ramp but don’t forget that he’s not afraid of the concrete. #birdhousesaturdays
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@davidloy got punished multiple times on this hubba before it gave up a roll away. He got all of this one though; grinding the top, wall riding the middle, and a little grind on the inside at the end. #birdhousesaturdays
Video: @millsfilm @heyfilmthis


Just cause he nollies onto 20 rails doesn’t mean he can’t stay trending on his wallie game. @clivejdixon with a couple lines from last week at the end of the Europe trip.


@choadped put the hurt on this dummy as well as the pool he resides at. #birdhousesaturdays
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