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I hope everyone is warm and cozy tonight. ☃️The Snowman (1978) Directed by Dianne Jackson. Based on the beautiful book by Raymond Briggs #art #animation #snowy #1970s #snowyny #favorite


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“Not everyone understands all the historical significance of the Black Panther movie premier, so I’m gonna try to help with that and provide a little Black History Month lesson, comic-nerd style.
You see, Black Panther premiered in comics in 1966 and was the first Black superhero in mainstream US comics. Prior to Black Panther, Black superheroes were banned and censored from US comics by the industry’s governing body, the Comic Code Authority (CCA). It’s not that there wasn’t interest or a market for Black heroes; it’s that they weren’t even allowed to be published and distributed in the first place. While heroes like Superman and Captain America graced pages and inspired readers, Black readers were left without superheroes who looked like us. So when you hear racists complain that there aren’t enough white people in the Black Panther movie (or other media), just remember that we were literally and legally banned from comics (and other media) for years.
The panel below is from a 1956 issue of EC Comics, (which is the precursor to MAD Magazine). In that issue, titled Judgement Day, a human astronaut visits another planet and comes to learn that its robot inhabitants live under a rigid racial-caste system. In the final pane of that comic, the astronaut removes his helmet, and the reader finds out that the astronaut is Black. At the time, the Comic Code Authority said that this could not be a Black person. The creators resisted and eventually published the story as is after a hard fought battle, but this was the last comic book they published under EC, as they discontinued the series and all their comic book lines afterword in order to focus on MAD Magazine, which would be outside the jurisdiction of the CCA. This comic book pane and its publication history was one of the things that really got me into comics when I was younger, and I’ll be thinking about it during the Black Panther premier.” - K Eric Martin #blackpanther #eccomics #judgementday


The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon (1933) Directed by Rudolph Ising #art #1930s #robertmckimson #rudolphising #rollinhamilton #favorite #vintage #animation


Nap time 😴 #art #comic #weekendfun


Friday night 🦋The Moth and the Flame (1938) Directed by Burt Gillett #art #mothsofinstagram #cartoon #1930s #bittycartoon #vintage


"Just do what I do." Happy Friday🎶Do The Groverelli! #tgif #dance #sesamestreet #grover #favorite #fridaydance


Al Bowlly (1936) My Melancholy Baby-written in 1912. Lyrics by George Norton and music by Ernie Burnett. According to William Frawley aka Fred Mertz, he was the first person to perform this song in public. 🤔. It's a perfect day to listen to the sweet voice of Bowlly. 😊 #music #vintage #1920s #1930s #albowlly #crooner #favorite #tgif