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Happy Mother’s Day! 👸🏻The more I get to know where you’ve come from and what hardships you’ve been through, the more I realize what a strong, resilient and powerful woman you are. For as much as we may sometimes not see eye to eye, I know your toughness comes from a place of love. So, thank you. Love you mom. ❤️💙❤️ 母亲节快乐! 💃🏻 我越了解妳来自哪里以及妳经历了多少艰难,我越发现妳是一个强大,有韧性和有充满力量的女人. 尽管我们有时可能无法亲眼目睹,但我知道妳的坚韧来自一个爱. 所以谢谢. 妈妈,爱妳.


🙏🏻🐲再说一次:谢谢北京!🐲🙏🏻 #流星花园


🛒🧠📦 This is the inside of my brain today after a whole day in the recording booth! Also I really miss NY 😭! 🍩🧤🍭 #流星花园


🌸 Araki got me feeling all 🌸


👲🏻👲🏻👲🏻 SPRING LOOK 👲🏻👲🏻👲🏻


Self-reflections on a red chamber. 👹 紅樓自影 💫💫💫Three months until Meteor Garden is released and three weeks until the adventure is done. I’m here in Beijing to record for the show—there’s even a surprise in store. 🇨🇳China, you’ve taken me with open arms and I cannot be more thankful. 我们刚刚开始!希望更好的未来! 🙌🏻 感谢!
Special thanks to 📸: @bondukestudio who released my inner 90s Keanu 👀


🀄️🏯🏮Welcome to my Kingdom 🏮🏯🀄️


On a trip back home to Vancouver I walked into @017c on Cordova — it happened to be their first day open. Fast forward a couple years later and I find them again renovating their new permanent location. I’ve never talked openly about my experiences since leaving Vancouver, but was persuaded by @holyspiritkai and @chennyjoi to sit down and chat. Find my musings on @017shop’s website. cc: @017_c




撥雲見日 ☀️ Back in Beijing beneath Olafur’s golden ring of rays. Diptych by📱@shuwei_liu💛


💃🏻De Madrid al cielo💃🏻 What a beautiful weekend with family and friends under this incredible blue sky! 😍 With a quick pit stop in London, I’m on my way back to Beijing. ✈️ 一周末跟亲戚和朋友在马德里!北京,我回来了!


💫💫💫 湯瑪斯杀青啦!謝謝大家!Thanks for the fun times travelling around the world 杉菜! From Shanghai, to Shenzhen, to Hong Kong, and finally in London. Cant wait to see you back in China! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 #流星花园 #MeteorGarden


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