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It’s Friday (I really don’t care because everyday is the same to me but I’m happy for you)...


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We don’t tolerate subversions here hahaha
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Good morning from Milagro and team...


Around a year ago, we had to perform a tomography and an MRI to Love because he had an issue with the Spinal Cord. We consulted with some of the world’s best Doctors and now he is almost perfect. We all see him now happy and gorgeous, but it’s been quite an endeavor. And this was only one of his many issues, we had to open his stomach in order to retrieve the last piece of a basketball that he ate where they had him before. We removed 11 pieces with suppositories, but the last one had to be removed by surgery. All of us have witnessed this Miracle. Let’s not forget what we’ve been through because if we do, victory will make us weak. Thank you for always being there with us...
Hace más o menos un año, le tuvimos que realizar a Love una tomografía y una resonancia magnética pues su espina medular estaba mal. Este fue uno de sus tantos incidentes. Ahora está casi perfecto, guapísimo y lleno de Magia. No hay que olvidar lo que hemos pasado juntos pues si lo hacemos por estar contentos, el triunfo nos volverá débiles. Ha sido todo un viaje. Gracias por siempre estar con nosotros...
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Changui & Penelope...
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BJWT wall by Mr Brainwash.
Full color offset printed poster.
Dimensions are 40inch x 22.5inch (112 cm x 57 cm). READY TO SHIP. Click the active link on our bio to get it. Thank you :)
Mural de BJWT por Mr Brainwash. Póster impreso en offset a todo color.
Dimensiones 40 x 22.5 pulgadas (112 x 57cm). LISTO PARA ENVIARSE. Denle click al link activo en nuestro bio para adquirirlo. Gracias :)


I introduced the new Tiger to Henruchito’s Pride today on Facebook Live and it was a success. It’s laughable how all of my workers are super afraid of Trouble so they carry her in a crate when she’s the smallest. She’s a Sweetheart with me and that’s all that matters :)