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Terminator Cat


Vid by @spicedogsss


Twilo on the day that he arrived from @semarnat_mexico and Beverly sleeping on top of her dad on the second pic...
#TwiloBJWT #BabyBeverlyBJWT #SaveLions




@ericprydz killing it last night at @edc_lasvegas in front of 50,000 people. He played super underground and people went crazy. This is his new Remix of Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus. I couldn’t be happier, I’ve never heard it before. Impressive...
@ericprydz #EDCLasVegas #LasVegas #SupportTheMusic


She’s always been a Señorita. I miss her sooooo much at Stage 1...
#LasComadresBJWT #SaveTigers


Wolf’s Pride some months ago. The one that I picked up is Wolf, but the one that jumps on top of me is my Beloved Sasha...
#WolfsPrideBJWT #SaveLions


One of the greatest Blessings (If not the greatest) of my life, is the fact that I honestly don’t care what people think of me, both on a positive and negative way. This gives me the Freedom to follow my Heart. Yesterday, on the way to EDC, I was scrolling through old pics and saw our fractured boy laying there with 11 broken bones. The haters said that I should put him to sleep and stop playing God, on the BJWT side, they told me not to post about him until he was healed in order to avoid a scandal in case he died. What did I do? I named him Achilles, after the Great Warrior, and asked millions around the world to Think Blue, channeling the healing Energy of the Universe to the Mighty Warrior. I’m not God, if I was, Karma, Labai and Onix would be here, but all I can do is give it my very best. And by following my Heart I was able to get millions of Humans to help me cure my son and as a thank you, Achilles paid us with countless hours of the purest form of crying by watching his recovery through Facebook Live. What I want to tell you is that you should take compliments and criticism as poison, because they feed the ego. Just follow your Heart, you will lose some battles, but you’ll understand your true place in the Universe. Long Live The Blue Warrior. THINK BLUE...
#ThinkBlue #AchillesBJWT #SaveTigers #PapaBearChronicles #ThinkBlue


August 24, 2014. I took this pic shocked at the huge amount of Chicken that I bought everyday. What an idiot...
#ChickenNeckPower :)


Have I mentioned that @drpuentecompeanbjwt besides being a partner in the Foundation, is a super successful, SINGLE plastic surgeon? HAHHAHA And Milagro, well, he’s the sweetest Miracle ever...
#BabyMilagroBJWT #SaveLions @drpuentecompeanbjwt


Their previous owners left her and her son tied to a Palm Tree during a Hurricane last year; They used them for fighting. The Sheriff picked them up, then @mrsyobe contacted @christiemariedowns and her husband Mike and the rest is history. May Existence continue Blessing the Sheriff, Yolanda, Christie, Mike and those Two Dogs...
#BeHuman #SaveOurPlanet


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