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The #KingdomChoir singing ‘Stand by Me.’ Can I get an Amen...#RoyalWedding


The Duke & Duchess of Sussex, pioneering a new regime. There is nothing like #aMother’sLove #aCouple’sLove


#MeghanMarkle is a Princess not because she married into the #Monarchy but because she knows her value, self worth & empowers herself & people all over the world by speaking her mind. #Congratulations to The Duke & Duchess of Sussex! #theroyalwedding


Trying to drop some more voiceovers for @lexususa on this Monday AM. Still recuperating from the weekend. Hope ALL of the mothers out there experienced an ‘amazing’ weekend! Much love to you!


Happy Mother’s Day to the most amazing & incredible mother to our three kids; Desiree. They are incredibly blessed to have you as their mother. You have given them life & shaped their lives with love, brilliance & boundless dedication. I/we are eternally grateful that you embraced God’s assignment to our family. You’ve blessed all of our lives immeasurably. Happy Mother’s Day & Wakanda Forever! :)


“Legends do not go gentle into that goodnight.” @abcquantico @themarleematlin


@abcquantico Check Out the teamwork tomorrow Thursday ABC 10/9 c


So about that ‘AGING’ thing?? Honored to be guest editor for a few months for @Equinox @furthermore. Check us out. Link in bio.


Another highlight of the day, meeting the winning jockey; Mike Smith @ dinner last night. This is his 2nd Kentucky Derby win! Maybe some of the good fortune will rub off on my horse betting next time. LOL!


In the airport remembering the good times this weekend w/ great people all around. Till next time #Kentucky! Thank you @teressafoglia for sharing your #hatlove @kentuckyderby @kyderbyfestival


#BestDerbyMoment While minding my own business walking through the Derby 🐎 we rolled up on this good Brutha proposing to his lady #OnOneKnee. A beautiful moment! As I congratulated them, I forgot to turn my phone off. #AGoodLaugh They met @kentuckyderby 5 years earlier. #YaDidItRight! @1_serenity @effehm


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