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Carnival time in Brazil! Please check out @brooklyntobrazil. I picked up a camera for the first time last year and went to Brazil to work on new paintings and take photos and stories. Had no idea what I was doing with camera. But with the help of friends I started this new journey in Brazil with no fear! #brooklyntobrazil

São Paulo, Brazil

Inspired with this exhibition in São Paulo. Basquiat is a Brooklyn legend. He and @albert_diaz1 inspired me when I came up writing graffiti in NYC back in the day. They made me understand a tag can take on another meaning when they wrote SAMO.

São Paulo, Brazil

Always great to see Brooklyn represented in Brazil! Great Basquiat exhibition downtown São Paulo. Needed some inspiration to start painting my next series. #paupaw30 #brooklyntobrazil #sãopaulo #arte

São Paulo, Brazil

I really enjoy seeing the photos posted on instagram in front of "The Hand of Peace" mural I painted in Bed-Stuy. Everyone has a different approach and how they reflect on both Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. This keeps me going with painting. Thank you @iamivanw 💯👊🏿 #brooklyn #bedstuy

Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

I've been fortunate to Snowboard from the peaks of Mt. Baker to the Andes Mountains, and the deep powder in Hokkaido Japan, but there is nothing more humbling than sharing it with young people in your community. Join me Friday for a special @hoodstowoods fundraiser with @ovrride at @thedlnyc 💯🏂💯🏂💯

Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

"Hand of Peace" mural T-Shirt available now. Link on main page👊🏿💯 #paupaw30 #muhammadali #malcomx #bedstuy

Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Finally got a chance to start reading "The Promised Land" The great migration from the south gave our urban centers in America the culture we have now. Also it changed politics and race relations. Some of the same issues that plagued us now, happened then. I'm aware but getting in depth look at the lives of those who headed north. #thepromisedland


My recent artistic inspiration comes from one hood to another. Subscribe and watch📷🇧🇷🇺🇸---> @brooklyntobrazil #brooklyntobrazil #errejota #rocinha

Favela Da Rocinha - A Maior Do Mundo