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Follow me and my Fab-Blue-Lous life! If you want to get in touch you can find me at [email protected] 🐷certified Thera-Pig🐷 #BlueThePig

I hope everyone had a great #firstdayofschool !!! I had to practice my colors today and now I def need to get a snack, that was exhausting 😅😂 #BlueThePig


Oink my goodness guys, I always knew my mom was crazy but today she confirmed it for me! Raise your hands if you would do this! 🙋‍♀️ #BlueThePig


When you don’t like someone’s outfit but you don’t know how to tell them 😂 that thing is hideous mom I was just trying to be nice about it. #BlueThePig


Happy #FriYay !!! What is everyone up to today?! #BlueThePig


I called mom over for a very important meeting.. we need to sit and discuss why dinner was 12 minutes late last night...🕢 ☝️ #HappyThursday #BlueThePig


I LOVE my Petsie! And I love this video they put together! Thank you my friends at @petsies 😘
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We had so much fun when Blue the pig came to visit our office! The entire team loved watching her meet her new plush mini-me, complete with matching bow and tutu. Just take a look at how cute she is! Click the link in our bio to order your own Petsie today. Model credit: @bluethepigofficial
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My parents are home and can you tell how happy I am?!☺️ Special thank you to one of my besties @lilou_sfpig for my beautiful bow!!!!🎀 And to her gorgeous mom for showing my parents around! Instagram is such a wonderful community that has allowed us to make friends with the best people from all around the world! Swipe ⬅️ #BlueThePig


Guys I am soooo jealous! My mommy got to meet my gf @lilou_sfpig and her beautiful mom!!! They went out for dinner and drinks and I’m sitting here like 🤨 hehe jk have fun mom! #BlueThePig


My parents left to San Francisco and mom found it necessary to strangle me before she left 😳😂 Who wants to come party at my house while they’re away?! 🐷 #BlueThePig


I just gave mommy a single rose for her birthday and a ton of foam filled kisses and now I have her all wrapped around my hoove 😏 #BlueThePig


Hellooooooo Friday 😜 #BlueThePig


Catching up on #AnimalsDoingThings and I never thought my piano playing would ever reach such a large audience!😂 🎹 #goals #BlueThePig