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I always enjoy sharing some things from my personal adventures and interests with all of you. I love being able to chat with you guys about things outside of Rancho Relaxo so we can all connect on different levels. This Instagram started as my personal one - and remains that way to this day - but now it is 99% based around Rancho Relaxo’s mission and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But! Today, we went to ParaCon at @pennhurstasylum and had a blast. If you’re in the Spring City, PA area, day two is tomorrow! We chatted with some paranormal investigators, bought crystals, did some ghost hunting ourselves and enjoyed the extreme energy on the grounds of this abandoned asylum. Swipe left to see some photos! Are any of you into this stuff or are we just weirdos? ❤️ @afelice16 @gustavestewart @corvetz @hispees @alannaxftw @ryanwithane Also, follow @callingallcoffee for coffee shops from around the world. My brother and his girlfriend run it! They posted while we were out to eat at @taste_vegan after our ghostly activities.


Who remembers Reed? We named her after our dear friend @nikkireed. She is the blind horse who was sent to slaughter after her humans realized she had lost her sight practically overnight. Here at Rancho Relaxo, we had SO much going on at the time of her intake. We knew she was going to have to go straight to the hospital to get a clear diagnosis - but we said yes anyway. We didn’t want this horse transported thousands of miles to slaughter. She would have been terrified, possibly trampled to death. Reed spent quite a few weeks at the hospital. She ended up having to get injections in her eyes due to the pain of the retina detachment that was happening. After the injections, Reed regained seeing some light on the better of the two eyes. Although she can’t see, she is so alert and really takes in her environment. She is on daily medications to help with the healing process of her eyes. Here she is after arriving at our offsite property. I opened the doors to the trailer so she could take in the sounds and smells. She is one of the most stunning horses I have ever met in my entire life. I’m excited for all of you to get to know her. Welcome home, Reed - you beautiful girl. ❤️😭


Pineapple is on her way to the vet. She has had on and off diarrhea for a few months now. Normal poop one week. Wet poop the next. Her fecal tests have come back normal as well as all of her bloodwork. We are stumped. We are sending her off with Shrimp to Quakertown so he can get recasted and she can get more extensive testing done. Please wish our dearest Pineapple luck! I also want to personally say thank you to our board member and volunteer animal caretaker, @ryanwithane - for doing the transport today! 😭❤️


I took this photo a few minutes before I unloaded Annie off of the trailer at the hospital to have her admitted. She waited patiently - with a little bit of fear in her eyes. I tried comforting her as best as I could. Earlier on in the week, we were told that it appeared as though Annie’s cancer - that started in her left eye - grew all the way to the bone but the only way to tell for sure would be during surgery. We had scheduled her surgery prior to finding this out because she needed the growths removed anyway as well as her entire left eye. While on the operating floor today, the surgeon discovered that Annie’s cancer did NOT reach the bone. Oh, that’s not all. Get ready for it. THIS is the news that almost made me hit the floor. They were able to remove all of the cancer without taking Annie’s eye with it. She still has to undergo chemotherapy and there’s no guarantee that the cancer won’t start growing back in that same eye - but we all agreed that waiting it out to see is worth it because Annie potentially gets to keep her eye for the rest of her life!!! We have been receiving some pretty crappy news consistently this week, so this really lifted all of our spirits. Annie is out of surgery and recovering well. 😭😭😭 Thank you to everyone who’s donated toward Annie’s surgery. Because of you, she now has the opportunity to live a cancer-free, full life. To make a tax deductible donation, PayPal, Venmo boochaces, RANCHO RELAXO, P.O. BOX 258, WOODSTOWN, NJ 08098 ❤️


The Labrador Hill case has been one of the biggest challenges of my rescue career. @afelice16 and I stepped into this knowing we had the hearts, minds and tools to really better the lives of all the victims involved. We knew we had to try. We ended up gaining the trust of Sarah, the Founder of Labrador Hill, just by being gentle and understanding. In turn, she allowed us to place every single animal on the property. Ashley and I began reaching out to rescues and sanctuaries we have worked with before or ones that were recommended by our vets, friends and colleagues. It was (and continues to be) a nonstop, seemingly endless task. On top of it all, we had to draw blood from every animal due to them needing a coggins to legally leave the property. Some of these animals have not been handled in years. Some of these animals have NEVER been handled. Minor injuries and mental breakdowns absolutely occurred on our end. Just to make things extra special, we had a small group of local naysayers who harassed us and questioned every single thing we did. But as we round the corner to the finish line, I can personally say that it was worth every sleepless night and I would do it all over again if a similar situation presented itself in the future. Here at Rancho Relaxo, we took in three of the worst medical cases on the property. Today, I will focus on Annie (pictured) because she is being prepped at New Bolton for surgery as I type this caption. She has cancer in her eye and has had it for quite a while. Unfortunately, because it wasn’t addressed sooner, the cancer has reached the bone and the surgery will now be much more invasive. So far, between vet bills, transport fees and quarantine fees - we are over $10,000 spent on the Labrador Hill case. Annie’s surgery alone is going to be thousands more. Please consider donating toward our mission - even just $1! If everyone donated $1 each, we would have enough funds to do so much more for all of the animals under our care. You WILL make a difference - so please don’t think that $1 is too small of an amount. 🙏 PayPal / Venmo boochaces / Checks: Rancho Relaxo, PO BOX 258, WOODSTOWN, NJ 08098 ❤️


I vividly remember Peanut’s little brother’s carcass being thrown over the fence, landing in the woods. The farmer stated that the coyotes or vultures would take care of the rest - no problem. He had starved to death due to his young mother not having enough milk for both him and his sister, Peanut. I was originally called out to this farm to take in Peanut because the farmer didn’t feel like bottle feeding her. He preferred ripping her away from her mother and giving her to us. After I picked up Peanut, her mother immediately started screaming at the top of her lungs. She had just lost her son, now her daughter was being taken from her right in front of her eyes. I decided to stay and beg the farmer to surrender Peanut’s mother as well. It was an uphill climb but I wasn’t giving up. He wanted to keep her to breed again and again until she couldn’t produce babies anymore. She was so young. Over an hour later, I drove away with Peanut and her mother, Sandra, in the backseat of my Hyundai Santa Fe. They are still attached at the hip to this day. ❤️ #veganforthem #vegan #govegan #animals Photo by @sfisherx ❤️


Bob is doing so well! He is already settled into his new stall - begging for treats anytime someone passes by. I took this shot while he was outside enjoying his sand pit. We are all so thrilled that Bob pulled through. He is such a warrior - a fighter. ❤️


I have always been a little biased when it comes to Ron - because I truly believe he is the most beautiful goat on the planet. Ron escaped a slaughterhouse and ended up in a neighborhood - wreaking havoc for weeks on end before he came to Rancho Relaxo. ❤️


Relationship goals. Miakoda flops down into the puddle to splash Robert Redford. CANNONBALL!!!!!!!! #miakodamustang


Grown men! Ernie, Dean, Murdock, Ron and Eddie. ❤️ I cannot believe how big they all are. Even Ron was a baby when we originally rescued him!


Yes. Dean is still a prince - doing well in his kingdom. 👑 #deanthegoat


Mustangs are the most amazing horses on the planet. They are also water bugs. #miakodamustang 😭❤️🤪