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My boy has done it AGAIN! EVERYONE make sure you take your WHOLE FAMILY!!! And go see @thestarmovie ... @devonfranklin you’re AMAZING bro. Sooo excited for you and support you 💯👊🏿


#iHope is the posture of expectancy that CONSISTENTLY says “something GOOD is gonna happen to me!” ..... ayyyye if GOD IS GOOD!!?... who is He “good” TO!??? .... #thatwouldbeUS 😬.. #iHope #LiVe


Rp: @live_orlando


SOOOOO GOOD!!! To have our bro n sis @live_orlando this morning!!! Love y’all PERMANENTLY!!! @tashacobbsleonard @musikdr ... thnku for #living w/us this morning (annnnnd for BLESSING US AT THE ENDDDD😱😱😱🔥🔥🔥) #incredibleservice #iHope #LiVe


Hey everyone be sure to go check out n follow @live_orlando ... for “daily bread”...inspirational quotes / word for the day, Vids, cool pics and updates on special events etc ... and come visit us if you’re ever in the #ORLANDO area and ALWAYS...keep us in your prayers 🙌🏿 thnku so much😬 we love you #PERMANENTLY #LiVe


“Now faith is the substance of things HOPED for, the evidence of things not seen.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭KJV‬‬ Get your HOPES UP!!! #iHope #LiVe


Your #Hope increases your joy! I go from discouraged to Happy when #iHope #LiVe Rp: @live_orlando


When i don’t “know”..... #iHope
#Hope is a realm that makes us exempt from despair.
When dark clouds fill the skies of my sunny days #iHope ... when all the windows and doors seem shut #iHope ... when all the news seem like “bad news” #iHope ... when my emotions and feelings are contrary to my joy.. i push past my feelings and #iHope.. Hope is the posture that gives me the audacity to square my shoulders, be happy in the midst of sorrow and expect GOOD to happen REGARDLESS!! Hope is a “worry-thief” ... enter this realm NOW!!!! When I’m confused, when I’m sad, when i don’t understand, when i can’t see how or what or when or where or WHY! ... when i don’t KNOW!! #iHope 🙏🏿 #LiVe (sermon yesterday @live_orlando )


Let’s try to talk to GOD more🙏🏿 #happysaturday #liVe


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From Sundays sermon #BabyShower 🤦🏾‍♂️ please go listen to this one on the podcast! Wonder why you have discomfort in areas that were once comfortable?. Wonder why your appetite tolerance and cravings are changing? Wonder why certain things you used to enjoy now literally make you SICK! Well let me possibly be the first to tell you ..that’s “morning sickness” because You are PREGNANT!!! God says stop looking outward because your next level of joy is coming from INSIDE OF YOU!!! That’s right!!! You’re pregnant so get ready to birth your “bundle of JOY” #babyshower pleeeease go listen! (When you start to gain weight!!??... smh conversations will change n ppl will be upset that they can’t handle you like they used to...you’re carrying something BIGGER! you’re gaining WEIGHT!!!) #letsgoooooooooo #liVe (look up “live church” for podcast..or just search my Tye Tribbett 🙏🏿!)


#RestRealm #iRest #rp @live_orlando #liVe JOIN US TMRW @holylandexp 11AM. We can’t WAIT to see you!!!😃


My love for one does not automatically obligate me to solve all their problems pay all their bills or tie all their shoes. Though my CARE extends to that degree, my responsibilities doesn’t always. In the #RestRealm we understand that we aren’t everyone’s savior, only JESUS is. #iRest #liVe (WARNING!!!!! : manipulators will HATE this post🤷🏾‍♂️)


#tbt that’s me, (upper right..ONLY ONE w/a blazer on 😂🤦🏾‍♂️) no doubt inviting whoever took the pic to join my class. lol my cousins are all seated in front of me n im almost sure I brought my brother up to help me lol! Looks like #pudge didn’t appreciate what I was teaching too much lol. #familylove #iwasalwaysdoinSOMETHING lol either a #youngleader or a #busykidwithadd 🤷🏾‍♂️😂


Psalm 100:1 (#liVe version😬😜) MAKE/CREATE/ESTABLISH a joyful noise unto the LORD, all ye lands.
Esther 9:17 “they MADE IT a day of GLADNESS!!!”
MAKE wherever you are a place of joy, MAKE it a place of peace, MAKE it a realm of rest... or be subject to stress confusion frustration poverty hatred and everything else that’s been previously established! #imGOOD #iRest


What an AMAZING service yesterday @live_orlando We learned that rest is not just an activity but a REALM! So today we entered into the “REST REALM!” #RR #liVe THANK YOU ALL FOR ATTENDING AND MAKING OUR SERVICE AS GOOD AS IT WAS! From this moment on.... #iRest


#swipe Today @live_orlando SMH I can’t explain what happened at our #bloodywinsunday service today!!! #liVe I love you all to LIFE!!! N thnku to my INCREDIBLE team of singers and musicians who made this wknd UNFORGETTABLE!!! I’m speechless... s/o to @starrmaven for always keeping us #FLY and #WarREADY!!! #thnku🙏🏿 #BloodyWin #availableNOW #letsgoooooooooo


TOMORROW!!!! #BloodyWinSUNDAY @live_orlando .. BRING YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AS WE CELEBRATE JESUS! 11AM @holylandexp .. do NOT miss this!!! ORLANDO IM BRINGIN THE WHOOOOLE CREW TO OUR SUNDAY MORNING SERVICE! We’re gonna sing we’re gonna DANCE and we’re gonna WORSHIP JESUS and YOU ARE INVITED! #ComeLiVewithus #sundaymorning #holylandexperience #liVe #letsgoooooooooo SEE YA TMRW!!!


#liVe (2MRW... #BloodyWinSunday ..BE THERE @live_orlando )


GOT MY DAUGHTER RUNNING #Choreography Rehearsal 😬😬.. #AustynTayler😍😍😍 (TORONTO!! Swipe left for your “homeboy hookup on tix tonight)!!! #letsgoooooooooo


THANK YALL FOR THE LOOOVE!!!!! #1 at #iTunes 😩😫🙌🏿🙌🏿 I appreciate your support sincerely ❤️🙏🏿.


I appreciate PARENTS that expose their children to #KingdomMusic ... THIS IS MY MOOD ALLLLLLLL DAY TODAY! Thnku @theaidenalexander you’re the BEST lol bro! Luvu permanently 🙏🏿 #bloodywin #availableNOW #letsgoooooooooo