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Florida girl chasing her dreams and living and loving life in Japan! 🇯🇵✨
Jesus Lover | Performer at Tokyo Disneyland 🏰

Hey friends! Just wanted to say I’ll be taking an indefinite break from Instagram. Could be a month, could be a year, could be forever. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t know when I started living my life for these little square photos, but it’s time to stop.Just to clarify, I don’t think there is anything wrong with Instagram, I really love this platform and community and there are SO many amazing influencers out there. There is however something wrong with the way I personally have been using it: constantly comparing my life to others, planning my life and travels around getting a shot that might get me a few more followers, literally feeling anxiety from my desire to show a perfect and enviable life, finding my worth in a number, changing my style or passions because I think people might like me more that way, spending so many precious hours scrolling through others peoples lives while my own life is passing me by! I need some time and freedom to figure out who I am, what my purpose it, and what my identity is in Jesus without this silly stress I’ve put on myself to get a certain amount of likes or live a life worth “following.” Thanks to all of you beautiful, encouraging people who have supported this crazy life journey I’m on! If you need to get in touch with me I’m still on Facebook or email ( and I’ll definitley be keeping up with my blog and sharing adventures, and what I’m doing and learning! 😉 Love you guys a bunch!
Here’s to discovering life beyond my phone screen! 💕✌🏻


Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist...right? 🦕


I scream
You scream
The police come
It’s awkward 🍦


WHEN YOUR LATTE IS THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL 🙌🏻😭❤️💛💙 Latte art here is next level. I think the biggest culture shock when I go back to America will be that they can’t put Snow White’s face in my latte 😂🙈


He is back in Taiwan which means we are right back to doing long distance. It’s okay though, because each day we are apart means we are a tiny bit closer to never having to say goodbye again! 😍🙌🏻


I can’t believe I have less than two months left in Japan!! I think I’ll miss the gigantic cotton candy most of all. 😉


Okay, story time. One really weird fact about me you may not know is that I freaking love McDonald’s. I’m not joking you guys, it’s my favorite restaurant and I’m not ashamed. Another thing you may not know is that when Joey and I had our first date...his car broke down, we were stranded, and we ended up walking to a nearby McDonald’s and having our first date there.😂 Naturally we decided to do an engagement shoot at McDonald’s because it’s been a huge part of our story and we wanted to do something funny and unique! I wrote the whole story and posted the rest of our photos in my blog if you’d like to see. Link in Bio! ❤️🍟
Pc: @kaitaugustphotography


He always holds the door open for me, washes the dishes even though it’s his least favorite chore, quotes every line from The Office perfectly, makes me laugh so much, wears matching onesies with me, plans the craziest “misadventures,” carries my heavy backpack to work for me everyday, is the reigning monopoly champ (except for that ONE time I beat him,) comes to Disney to see me perform and do what I love, he even trained himself to like sushi because he knew how much I loved it and he wanted to be able to eat it together 😂, he fully supports my weird love for McDonald’s, and whenever he sees a corgi on the street he chases it down so he can send me a picture. Most importantly though, he loves me unconditionally (even when I’m being a little stinker 🙈) and shows me what it looks like to truly live like Jesus. Happy birthday ya little babe! I can’t wait to celebrate you all day! I love ya snookums! 😘❤️🙈


When you move your whole life to the other side of the world, you need a really good support system; someone you can trust, someone who will pick you up when you’re down, someone who will make you laugh, and hold you when you cry. Alley has been all that for me and more. She’s been the kind of friend who’s been here for me through the highest highs of my life so far and some of the lowest lows. She randomly shows up at my door with treats, is always up for spontaneous adventures, gives up her lunch break to help me learn choreography I’m struggling with, gets excited about nerdy food documentaries with me, dances around in onesies, doesn’t get mad when I ask her to take a million photos, and is honestly just one of the most positive,selfless, loving little rays of sunshine I’ve ever met. I love you lil Al. The best part about this whole contract was meeting you and I’m really not looking forward to the day that you aren’t just a few doors down from my room. I hope you have the happiest birthday, I don’t know what I’d do without ya, my cute little life twin. 😘


The coziest breakfast in bed from a few mornings ago! What is your all time favorite breakfast food?! I’m obsessed with pancakes, we even joked about serving them at our wedding. Ha! 🥞😍


Just two snow deprived Florida kids makin’ snow angels and livin’ the dream. ❄️


Post snowball fight exhaustion. 😴