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Clark for @crfashionbook in Golden Beach, FL 2013

Styling @carineroitfeld
Hair @akkishirakawa
Makeup @aarondemey1


My pal @dreelouisehemingway becomes best friends with any animals she meets on set–and they share my joy in what a great actress she’s become. Shot for @marcopolo in Brooklyn in 2015.

Stylist @aleksworo
Hair @thompriano
Makeup @reginethorre


Daydreaming with @lindaevangelista up at Camp Longwood for @versace in ‘94.


@charliedkennedy and the gang in Golden Beach for @thelovemagazine in 2016

Stylist @panosyiapanis
Hair @geralddecock
Makeup @reginethorre
Set design @dimitriunique


There’s only one @karliekloss — I’m proud to have known her since she first started modeling. This photo was taken at @mooringsvillage, my friend Hubert’s place down in Islamorada, FL for @portermagazine in 2015.

Stylist @alexwhiteedits
Hair @oribe
Makeup @fulviafarolfi


The dogs in line for a swim race at the beach- Kodiak won Golden Beach Trophy


Iris and I became the best of friends the moment we met. I once asked if she and Carl could adopt me—they said, “Sure, you’d fit in perfectly with our lifestyle." We never made it legal because we trusted each other—the way people used to shake hands on something and mean it. Congratulations on your new book, “Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon."


Two redheads and a chow chow for @versace, New Jersey, 1998


@mariellemacville and Little Bear enjoy a perfect day on Upper St. Regis Lake for @vogueparis in the summer of '89.

Styling: Joe McKenna
Hair: @bartpumpkin
Makeup: Bonnie Maller


I was so fortunate to photograph and get to know Hubert de Givenchy. I always called him “Monsieur,” even though he’d sign his letters “Hubert.” He was so handsome and so kind. All his admirers will agree with me—the world today will be less elegant without him.


A real Beverly Hills resident with that real Beverly Hills attitude, for @vman 2012


Stella and Finn and Skye off to Camp Longwood, Adirondack Park, NY for @vogue in 1997
Fashion editor @therealgracecoddington
Hair @thompriano
Makeup @fulviafarolfi