Bruna Tavares@brunadtavares

@starfishchange Social Media Star / @hobyilcs 2016 / @uicbusiness Scholar 2022 (@thisisuic/@uichonors)

Ready to bleed blue and red and be a 🔥 next year! 💙❤️


Wow! How do you even say “goodbye” to something that has been one of the biggest parts of your life for the past four years? I honestly wouldn’t know because FBLA-PBL has spoiled me by being a lifetime organization, but I do know that standing up on the #NLC18 stage four nights ago for one final time as your 2017-2018 FBLA National Secretary was one of my greatest honors and proudest moments. I wasn’t proud of myself, though. I was proud of our organization and its members; I was proud of all of you. The members of my home chapters of @illinoisfbla and Dunlap High School, the members who did everything they could to fundraise their way to nationals, the members who overcame years of possibly not placing at area, states, or nationals only to have their dreams realized on stage, the members who were maybe faced with disappointment at this conference but still hold their heads high and continue their careers with our association with their passion, and simply the members who join our organization. I am proud of all of you for deciding to join this life-changing organization. Never would I have guessed that the shy girl with big dreams four years ago would become a more confident woman with the ability to achieve her dreams and so much more, and I thank you, FBLA, for gifting me with that ability. This organization has given me tears and heartache, as well as joy and bliss, sadness and smiles, but most importantly love. It has given me something to love, and it has given me people to love. This is for all of the people who I met along the way who impacted me in endless special ways. First, I must thank God and my family for always guiding me towards the right path, even when I veered off of it. To my sister, @juliatavares1, I’m so glad you were by my side throughout this entire journey, and I can’t wait to see you take on the world and your dreams! You’re amazing! To my home chapter of @illinoisfbla, none of this would have been possible without the inspiration you gave me at my first State Leadership Conference in 2015 (can you believe it’s been that long?!) and the support you endlessly gave me after that. (Continued in captions...)


Super excited to be joining the @starfishchange team as a Social Media Star! The Starfish Foundation provides scholarship, tutoring, and leadership development to youth living in extreme poverty in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I’m extremely honored to help make a small impact with an organization that makes a big difference in our world today! ⭐️💙


📍: Bruna & Budapest ❤️💚


📍: It’s like visiting Italy, but you’re in Poland


📍: Partying it up in Prague...


Who said you can’t fall in love with a city? 📍: Dresden 6/14/2018


📍: Berlin stole Bruna’s heart 🖤❤️💛


In honor to Eu Ro Wang’s AMAZING #FBLAConnects initiative, I’d like to share the story of how FBLA has connected me to @eurowangfbla and the rest of my FBLA Family! I met Eu Ro at the Institute for Leaders (#FBLAIFL) in Anaheim (#NLC17FBLA) last year, and he immediately became a part of my FBLA Family. He and the others are some of the people who I aspire to be like each and every day and have a passion and knowledge of our association unlike any other. As this is my last year in FBLA, and I’ll be moving on to PBL next year, I’m glad to leave FBLA in the hands of people as amazing as them. Thanks for the great initiative! 💙💛


Graduated on day 720 with my day 1’s!
. . .
Thank you to the Dunlap community for giving me the opportunities, lessons, and tools to see and reach my potential and prepare me for the future! Can’t wait to see the bright futures ahead for the EPIC EIGHTEEN! Congrats on a great high school career, everyone, and here’s to the future! #rolleags ⭐️❤️🦅
Also excited to announce that I’ll be sporting blue and red next year as a flame at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Honors College and the College of Business as a Business Scholar! 🔥💙❤️ #UICbound


Super excited to announce this amazing opportunity for members! Apply to serve as an #NLC18 Social Media Ambassador! 👔📲Ambassadors will represent FBLA-PBL via social media, our national website, and more! Click the link in our bio to apply by May 15th. More information can be found at Questions? Don't hesitate to DM us!


Had an amazing time in Massachusetts at their State Leadership Conference! From making new friends and memories with @sarahfriedlander_ and @javidkasraiefbla, to seeing friends and family, like @eurowangfbla and @nlazar33, and spending time with some of my greatest inspirations, like Ryan Paul and Blake Reynolds, Massachusetts was by far one of the greatest trips! Thanks for treating me well, Massachusetts FBLA! Also, thanks to Eu Ro Wang for featuring me in your #SixtySecondSunday! Keep doing great things! Can’t wait to see all the Massachusetts FBLA members in Baltimore at #NLC18 in just 74 days! 💙💛 #ElevateYourFuture