Bryan Aspey@bryanaspey

Charango y chill #charango


Ritual de lo habitual


Tonight it's all tweeds (in metal clothing) 🎸🔀


Studio time with #peterstormare and Michael Vail Blum (suicidal tendencies, madonna) 🎶Had a blast playing nylon and electric for a new album they're producing for an up and coming Swedish artist. Having my hands back on a guitar feels so good-collaborating with creative, talented people fills me with inspiration and new ways to look at things. #musicrules


Breaking down #bobabeach intro chord voicings - nice bossa vibes, so fun! 🐦🌴#grynpyret #sodaisland #noyesnoyesnoyesnoyes



When you've been listening to so much 50's music and wish you played sax 🎷


Do you have any favorite production or arrangement "rules of thumb"? 👍 #tellmeyoursecrets #maxmartin


New speaker of the house 🔊 #wonderboom #donovan


Are you subscribed to the @redandhowling weekly cartoon newsletter? Our average open rate is 38-40% ❗️To understand how shockingly, unbelievably, crushingly rare this is, please see the Sharks reaction to that number on this clip, and you will know why you NEED to be receiving our content. My favorite is @kevinolearytv laugh at the end 🤣 @sharktankabc @birddogs #sharktank #40percent


What's the longest you've played one piece of music continuously? It's my new favorite thing. I've had this ambient chain running for 689 minutes and 32 seconds (look bottom left) I create it, stringing together custom instruments, fx chains and processes, I work on it, I listen to it, I sleep on it (literally), I record it on tape - the flavors mix and mingle the more you let it sit. I make this music for @in_the_arms_of_somnus and listen to it while sleeping and while working on @redandhowling media content - it rules (I say this as a listener, not a creator - I try to keep a distance from the responsibility of the creation mindset) - I have days, maybe weeks of this stuff - maybe you too will hear it one day 😋


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