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Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Baby Blue 💙


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

For those that say Bluebeary always looks so serious, here is a photo of him after he stole 3 cookies off our counter (hence avoiding eye contact). 🐶🍪🍪🍪


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Trying to pick out her favorite dog on her dress since Benny and Bluebeary are more like bodyguards than dogs. Or nuisances. Or best friends. Or vacuum cleaners. Or pillows. Depends on which day you ask her. 🐶👧🏻🐶


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Preparing for weekend. All of our baby gear has officially been repurposed to dog beds and blankets. This includes the 347 baby blankets that Bluebeary has chewed through that we’ve had to throw out.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Mastering duckface.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Vintage Blackberry photo. Remember those?


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Happy birthday, Boo!!! Hope you and Buddy are having an amazing celebration together in doggie heaven. I’m happy knowing you are not lacking in love today on your special day with your bff. We love you two so much ❤️ (📷: @thegracechon)


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Benny is supposed to be a snow dog, but he likes to curl up by the heating vents. California has made him soft.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

He thinks he’s human.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Benny loves her but is also suspicious of any sudden movements she makes since there’s no telling if it will result in a kiss or him ending up wearing a ridiculous outfit or her “locking him in jail” (her playroom).


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Never posted this mini ad Boo did with VW a few years ago! Funny thing is whenever I was contacted about Boo doing a photo shoot or commercials (we did very very few ... can count on one hand) they would always ask me what tricks he can do, and I’d have to tell them that he is great at sitting and smiling and that’s about it 😂. Link and a little background in stories 🚗


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

Buddy was my first dog, and he truly changed my life. When he crossed the rainbow bridge a year and half ago, we wanted to honor his memory by making a donation to @pawschicago, the largest no-kill shelter in their area, in his name. Boo always wanted to do everything his big brother did, so we just matched that donation in Boo’s name as well. Check out their IG to see all the amazing pups they help! I also added their donation page to my profile if you’d like to help in that way! ❤️