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Buddy Boo Blue Benny

oh, buddy, you were so small and mighty. ❤️🐶💪


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

lazy weekends 🐶😴


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

human is shipping off a bunch of boo dolls for christmas. hope she doesn’t forget she put me in here since she didn’t have enough hands to carry everything to the car.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

UK friends! all of these boos except one will be launching in Claire’s UK starting this week, but you’ll have to go to the store to find out which ones! 🤔 just in time for last minute stocking stuffers 🙃🎁🎄 @claireseurope


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

happy birthday, bluebeary pie!!! even though you are literally 12 times bigger than me, i will always be your big brother. thank you for the joy you bring to our family with your endless love for people and for always being careful not to step or sit on me. we love you! ❤️


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

benny fun fact of the day: he likes to sit directly in front of you, stare deep into your soul, and mercilessly judge. #bebetter


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

#tbt to when human was too lazy to wash our paws before our holiday card photo.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

i’m pretty sure sunglasses were actually originally created for dogs. we just look so much better in them than humans do. #sorrynotsorry


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

when you are following instructions to leave baby sis’s toys alone like the good boy that you are but insist on making your discontent known with your best sad face.


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

how is it december already??


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

happy friday! please enjoy this photo of benny. with bangs!


Buddy Boo Blue Benny

this photo may be from a few years ago, but my feelings towards mondays have withstood the test of time. #mondays