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All smiles. My pops would always pour me a little lagerbier in a shot glass and we’d share a can of sardines. Then we’d take in a baseball game and relish in hot Summer days. His pick in 1989 was a cold can of Busch. But these days he yearns for the return of Innertube, a 3.5% deja vu into memories of righteous yesteryear. He’s smiling now. It’s back.

Innertube returns on Memorial Day. As always, 6 packs are $9 and cans to go can only be purchased at our taproom. No distro on 6 packs. That’s how we ensure you never pay a single cent more.
As a special bonus we will also kick out the 4th installment of Ambient Terrain, Beacon of the Abyss, a new lagerbier made with @oxbowbrewingcompany using @mainemalthouse. With all this lagerdom swinging around we also figured it’s a great time to sling lagers from our killer friends @fontaflorabrew and @zillicoahbeer and jam to some live tunes while we mow down Burial spent-grain fed beef burgers from @rubybrownfarm. The party goes down on Monday, May 28 from 5pm to 10pm.
Me and my pops will be running the burger grill, and likely reminiscing about the days when lager was just the fuel, but the company became everlasting. #innertube #lagerbier #lagerislife #ambienterrain #burialbeer #lagerisblood #lageristhetiethatbinds #dadbeer #everyonebeer #oxbowbeer


The splendor of life lays in the subjective interpretation of what’s real and what’s imaginary. The blurred lines sometimes create great ecstasy. #avlbeerweek #avlbeer #skilletsixways #seasonedskillet #canrelease #burialbeer #counterculturecoffee


Skillet Six Ways. May 31. 5 years strong. Flavors to be announced soon with donut pairings from @vortexdoughnuts and coffee exploration from @counterculturecoffee. Gonna slay your tastebuds. #skilletdonutstout #skilletsixways #burialbeer #avlbeer #donutstout #vortexdoughnuts #counterculturecoffee


You only get out what you put in. And the depths of hellacious experimentation is where @timperialstout first found Keepers Veil. Let me expand your mind a bit


In our yesteryear, we found ourselves at the behest of our customers. Our time behind the bar gave us an opportunity for test and response. And so began a long examination of saison palates, testing flower after flower in small batch saisons fermented with honey. After testing more than 20 flowers, @timperialstout forged a master blend of 5 great standouts, pro rata in accordance with positive customer feedback. Back then, the Pollination series was a reason to get behind the bar each night and see curiosity bloom.


Keeper’s Veil Honey Saison is the 5.5% culmination of those studies. Using @riverbendmalt barley and wheat, we add chamomile, hibiscus, passionflower, rose petals and elderflower, and ferment on honey. The result is a slightly tart and citrusy herbal saison that we dig quite a bit. Rounding out our saison season, this beer hits the taps tonight and distro this week. It’s the final chapter of clean-fermented saisons to hit the tin. Experiment.
#saison #keepersveil #honeysaison #burialbeer #craftmalt #riverbendmalt #avlbeer


The Supremity of Being pours from the taps today. 4.6%. Made with a traditional Berliner-style fermentation, and re-fermented upon heaps of vanilla, macadamia and coconut to replicate one of our favorite memories of the land that spawned our brewery's namesake - the coconut custard pie at @herbsaint_nola. Cheers #sourbeer #berlinerweisse #coconutcustardpie #herbsaint #burialbeer #avlbeer


Big things. Got a massive centrifuge and built a home today. Life gets better every single day. Lager time. #burialbeer #forestrycamp #geacentrifuge #spindoctor #habitatforhumanity #lessyeast #morebeer


Memories fade, they don’t erase. The ebb and flow of life’s great accomplishments paint them back to the canvas. Our penchant for beer was raised by Seattle, and its illustrious brewing community. It was there that @timperialstout and I first built a homebrew system (thx @lazyboybrewing) and Jess first penned beer reviews, pregnant, watching over us. Flipping back through these photos (👈SWIPE👉) wakes the soul. Successes and failures. Constant exploring. Damn those were good times. And now we’re back.

We are stoked to pour our wares during next week’s @seattlebeerweek. It’s incredibly humbling to see our grog flow from the taps of the storied establishments where we first sipped inspiration. We want to thank the proprietors of these spots for inviting us back to our origin, to complete the cycle.


Friday May 11 -
Stout Fest at @brouwerscafe

Saturday May 12 -
@toronado_seattle Metal Night
3p to midnight

Tuesday, May 15th -
Burial Feature at @brouwerscafe

Thursday, May 17-
Sour Fest at @brouwerscafe

Saturday, May 19th
Burial Tap Feature at @slowboattavern
2p - 12p
#neverforgetwhereyoucamefrom #thejourneyislong #seattleinspired #homebrewdays #seattlebeerweek #seattlebeer #burialbeer #fullcircle #pondscumforever @niles_krang @robcstanton @catchandreleasedesign @erikwbaldwin @brendanf @brianbehrens


Pitchfork. It was the first beer we ever poured. It was 5 years ago at firkin fest at @highlandbrewing and perhaps the proudest moment @timperialstout and I ever shared. And then some cider-maker trademarked the name and the death knell was tolled.

Yet our love for this malt-driven Saison never decayed. So we reincarnated it as Haysaw, the story of a mystical sage who never gave into the temptation of adjuncts. After 5 years of building a brewery without investor coin, pumping every dime we had into this crazy thang, chasing unbridled dreams and riding the tide that Asheville gave us - we felt it time to fill that ominous can once again.

Haysaw is a horizontally fermented, free rise, Saison, naturally carbonated through spunding. As was the case in 2013, we use local @riverbendmalt barley and wheat along with a sprinkle of rich European malt. The result: plum and raisin flavors with a hint of clove and peppercorn and lasting effervescence. We’ve hung our hat on the simplicity of this beer, and we ain’t wavering. Join us. Cans and draft hit taproom tomorrow, 5/11.
#organicgrowth #ourway #avlbornavlgrown #saisontilweDIE #freerise #riverbendmalt #burialbeer #avlbeer


And among the dead are the remnants of such vibrant life, reborn unto this world. #seasonedskillet #burialbeer #teaseallday #avlbeer @avlbeerweek


While the stagnation of the soul breeds the desires we tend to yearn. Its the washing of the ego that drowns the residing demons. Who says IPA can’t be rustic as hell.
The Expulsion of Devils is a 8% DIPA made with highly aromatic Peach Blossoms, Osmanthus Flowers and Honey. This beer is also double dry-hopped with Citra and New Zealand Wai-Iti and Motueka hops. The result is a boldly aromatic, roundly sweet and full bodied expression of some of our favorite flowers (yes, that includes hops).
A very limited amount of cans will be released at 6pm on Wednesday, May 9th at the taproom‘s Moonlit Market. No distro on this beer. Imbibe it with us.
#expulsionofdevils #burialbeer #canrelease #avlbeer #ncbeer #dipa #indiapaleale #flowerbeer


The path we follow is that of love. It is the only way that we know. Sometimes it’s rocky like the mountains about us. Other times it blooms vibrantly like spring flowers. But every time, it's very clearly the righteous path. ——@timperialstout, brewer
Many moons ago we made a beer we called The Dire and Ever Circling Wolves. We called it the first in a series of Experiential Rustic Ales - ales created with intent, to paint pictures of memories along the way. Ales for the thoughtful amongst us. And we wanted to share that concept with fellow brewers that clearly know the path well.
After extensive aging, the long awaited second offering in the series has emerged. Brewed in collaboration with @transmitterbrewing from Long Island City, New York, this wild brew was uniquely crafted to elicit memories of a summer hike at Max Patch when you're in love. Peel Back the Dead Earth is a 5% brett saison brewed with North Carolina grown and malted @riverbendmalt barley and wheat, filtered through a bed of local hay and fermented with saison yeast in our dish bottom fermenter. Briefly conditioned on house foraged honeysuckle flowers before being racked into neutral red wine barrels that had previously held brett beer. After many months it was racked back to steel and further aged on wheatgrass, rose hips and rose petals. It was then hand bottled and conditioned for many more months on brettanomyces.
Peel Back the Dead Earth will be released in 750ml bottles and draft on 5/9 at the first Moonlit Market of 2018. We invite you to blaze the path with us. #saison #brettanomyces #transmitterbrewing #burialbeer #rusticales #avlbeer


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