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Burial Beer Co.

The jaws of unmerciful slaughter. Savages can release. This Saturday, 9/22. Taproom only. #thesavagesofruminatingminds #ddh #ipa #canrelease #burialbeer #avlbeer


Burial Beer Co.

Today is a reminder of our yesteryear. This group is comprised of so many dear friends that have become a real fixture in what we do daily. Many old collaborators like @interboronyc @jwakefieldbeer @jackieosbrewery @otherhalfnyc and @oxbowbrewingcompany return to share their ever-evolving stories, alongside our final Ambient Terrain compatriot, @jesterkingbrewery, a couple first time storytellers at @omfbrewing and @therarebarrel, and Asheville buds from @newbelgium and @oneworldbrewing. The party commences on 11/3. 55 makers are joining us this year. Tickets and bottle pre-sale on 10/3. #burnpile2018 #harvestfest #leafseason #burialbeer #avlbeer #828isgreat


Burial Beer Co.

The latest installment of Ambient Terrain is perhaps our deepest dive into native terroir, pairing both local grain with local hops, and paying attention to our obligations as stewards of our environment. Check out these videos (👈SWIPE👉) of our exploration with @azwilderness @sinaguamalt and @grainrandd.
This dry and subtle 4.4% lager was made with Arizona Blue Corn, Arizona Barley and Southwestern Neomexicanus hops, which impart a unique coconut and woody aroma. It’s a hell of a crusher, and exudes the personality of this rustic lager project, perfectly. ————-
Get it in cans and draft this Saturday, 9/22, at the taproom. Killer vid work: @pointfivecreative #ambientterrain #azwilderness #burialbeer #avlbeer #rusticlager #lagerbier


Burial Beer Co.

These are Vivid Portents of Doom. It’s what the darkness took from us. Its the portal to our wildest dreams and the prophetic clues to utter calamity. And yet we kneel at the temple of our hauntings. Another expression of our vinous complexity, this golden sour aged for 3 months in our house puncheons with our blend of brettanomyces and bacteria, before re-fermenting upon 1lb per gallon of pressed Pinot Gris grapes. The blend of citric-forward acids, strawberry esters and ripe orchards make this a quaffable exploration of fruit. Get it on tap in the taproom today. #sourbeer #winebeer #pinot #burialbeer #avlbeer


Burial Beer Co.

Sages of saison and a pile of lager stewards compose today’s Burnpile 2018 brethren. Very humbled to have first timers like @halfacrebeer @heaterallenbeer and @highlandparkbrewery, killer returners such as @forestandmain @holymtnbrewing and @industrialartsbrewing and some of our very trusted NC compatriots, @fontaflorabrew @freerangebrew @greenmanbrewery and @hiwirebrewing. See y’all on 11/3. 55 makers. Tickets on sale 10/3 with pre-sale bottles and early access. #burnpile2018 #burialbeer #avlbeer #harvestfest #leafseason


Burial Beer Co.

There is a great oasis in the desert of Arizona - a ribbon of green piercing through the dry, cracked earth. The Verde River and its tributaries act as a lifeblood for many farmer here, but its pulse has slowed in recent years and it is at risk of drying out. Thanks to efforts by @nuture_org, in conjunction with @sinaguamalt and brewers like @azwildeness, local farmers have been incentivized to grow barley, a plant that requires significantly less water than previous crops. The story of the malt in our Sonoran Lager goes far beyond its unique terroir. It’s about conservation. You might even say it’s about resurrection. To drink the land is to know it…and to care for it. This is Ambient Terrain. #ambientterrain #lagerbier #sonoranlager #burialbeer #azwilderness #craftmalt #neomexicanus #hbc472 #canrelease


Burial Beer Co.

It’s been very humbling to get the chance to travel and meet some of the world’s best brewers. And to bring their killer wares to Asheville is quite a privilege. A couple brewers from across the ocean, three from the wild NW, some NYC brethren, and a few who define good beer here in the South. Welcome @bondbrosbeer @breaksidebrews @cascadebrewing @civilsocietybrewing @cloudwaterbrew @cloudburstbrew @creaturecomfortsbeer @dryandbitterbrewing @eviltwinbrewing @finbackbrewery. 55 makers. Tickets on sale 10/3. Fest 11/3. #burnpile2018 #avlbeer #avl #burialbeer #harvestfest #leafseason


Burial Beer Co.

Its time to burn the decay of our season. Every night this week you will meet 10 more makers that will join us for Burnpile 2018. 55 makers. Tickets on sale 10/3 @18thstreetbrewery @adroittheory @ashevillebrewingco @allagashbrewing @alvaradostreetbrewery @beardediris @brewerybhavana @bfsbeer @blackprojectbeer @blackberryfarmbrewery #burnpile2018 #avlbeer #harvestfest #harvestbeer #leafseason


Burial Beer Co.

The Savages of Ruminating Minds. A celebrated IPA returns this Saturday in very limited cans at taproom. Mosaic. Motueka. Idaho 7. In violent doses. #thesavagesofruminatingminds #burialbeer #avlbeer #canrelease #ipa #ddh


Burial Beer Co.

Release day always has its surprises. In the Throes of Disembodiment Black Sesame Imperial Porter. Made with the gents at @finbackbrewery. A uniquely aromatic 11% step into darkness. What a head-banging addition to our double can release today.

Cans of The Brutality of Gazing Into Death DIPA and The Mortal Dimensions of the Spiritual Fresh Hop IPA hit the shelf at 12pm along with these bottles. See you then.
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Burial Beer Co.

The Sharp edges of endowed blades never dull. From Graves of Valor Golden Sour with Figs is on tap today. Built on a dignified foundation of Riverbend pilsner malt and rye and Carolina Ground cracked wheat, this complex sour was patiently aged in oak upon grains of paradise, peppercorns, ginger and Carolina-grown figs. Lemony acidity strides confidently through an oaken assault of spicy ginger, marmalade and honeysuckle. Get it in the taproom today
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Burial Beer Co.

Mother Nature’s unrelenting power embarks upon our coast once again. When we lived in New Orleans, our summer’s end brought ominous vibes and urgent evacuations yearly. Thanks to Austin, TX, we always had a welcome refuge, where appreciation of Earth’s cycle was met with cold beer and brightening conversation. If you are in the endangered areas, please take all precautions and be safe. But know that you will always have an asylum behind these walls, where we pride ourselves in finding the light in the darkness. Stay safe out there. #avlrefuge #damnyouflorence #burialbeer #katrinascars #austinforever