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Unfiltered moments from life on the road with @ChrisBurkard & friends ✌️IPhone mostly & not always politically correct.

A great reminder of why I love to wake up early & travel by my own two feet. Awesome Saturday century ride in my own backyard.


Always cool getting a photo of a print hung in someone’s space. Digging the minimal layout here @claudita1114 , a great example of where a metal print can really look best - a zone without direct sunlight but still a ton of ambient. This photo shot during the filming of Under An Arctic Sky


They always told me you would know the good life when you find it.


20 miles without a single car passing us = total freedom


Hypnosis at its best.


145 miles of discomfort & amazing views. My butt is numb ( as is everything else in that region) but it was well worth it to ride the Big Sur Coast. Many thanks to the patient drivers who gave us space. It was a long couple days. 70 more miles home tomorrow. SF-SLO 300 miles in total. 📷 @calvincharris


Beyond proud of ya. @brea_face you crushed your first endurance ride on a horse that had energy to spare after 30 miles. And to think Ginger was never ridden & out to pasture back east a few months ago. Well done @mindysmithrockies . Awesome weekend in Santa Cruz


Raddest. Thing. Ever
@kmworkshopstore ... even nailed the glasses on the Alpacas 😂


@annaehrgott .
Captions are so simple ... jeeez.


Everyone just wants to be held the way @russell_holliday is holding me on a peak in NZ. .

Best of times with the crew @russell_holliday @_ryanhill_ @christian_adam_


The old random photos are the best. Hanging in IRELAND with @dhsurfboards almost 10 years ago on assignment for Patagonia . I told him I loved bird of all kinds so he took me to the local raptor center his wife worked at. Absolutely epic to feel the power of these birds.


Nothing better than a big day in the Mountains.
Tuolumne triple linkup with @tedhesser