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200 RYS-Always a student.
Teaching @empoweryoganj and
Lifetime Athletic Princeton
Army Veteran and Milspo.
Movement is a gift

If you aren’t doing anything this Sunday around 9:30 in the morning, come breathe with me in Princeton. I’ll be teaching at Palmer Square as a part of Lululemon’s studio of the month featuring @empoweryoganj. It’s also free!!!! I hope to see you!


His happiest moments are when he is with his family. When I tell people I like him, it’s because he has given me a gift that I cannot match. He’s allowed me the grace and peace of mind to have a partner who is all in. The load isn’t heavy when he is around. He doesn’t feel burdened by these lives we’ve created. This is the life and family he wanted. That alone heals me in ways I cannot describe. Yes, he gets on my nerves, but him being a daddy is the greatest...Happy Father’s Day my love.


Still vibing off of the Saturday morning Warrior Sculpt class. They come so motivated, so committed, and so present. From young to experienced, they are always all in. Also, thank you Daniela @d62584 for taking this video. You rock girl!!!! See you Tuesday!
I’ll be guiding this class again Monday at 7:15 p.m. If you can make it, come see me. Also, check the Life Time app for my partners in teaching Warrior Sculpt, Daniela and will NEVER be disappointed. #loveyourlife




If you can, please help.


13 years today. Forgiveness and gratitude keep love and happiness alive. I also like him a whole bunch.


Tuesday morning yoga line-up at Life Time Athletic Princeton. 9:30 a.m. #ROOTyoga with @yogikat_fitness and 9:45 a.m. #FLOWyoga with me.
Side note: what you don’t see in this pic are the people behind the camera telling me what to do because I truly don’t like my feet off the ground. I am a very grounded Capricorn. What you can see if you look closely is @yogikat_fitness coaching me and telling me to keep my eyes on her...connection. I had to breathe, focus and ultimately trust. It’s more than a snapshot, it’s life. 💜🕉️🙏🏿


One breath. One movement. One life. Use it. One step at a time. 🙏🏿💜🕉️
Flowing with @yogikat_fitness while being guided by @coreybrueck_fit. Just some spiritual gangstas having fun. This is FLOW!


My first time trying aerial yoga with the very patient and awesome @gigivonburgh. Take note that I’m completely out of the silks. I have a love affair with being grounded, but I’m assuming that this comfortably is directly related to my fear of allowing something or someone to keep me safe. Fear is needed, but can limit you. I’m learning...
Thank you @gigivonburgh, we will meet again.




Happy Memorial Day... Breathe for those who cannot. Live your best life. Find your purpose. We stand on the shoulders of those who have sacrificed more than we can imagine. It is our duty to honor them with living rather than existing. Love and light 💜

My great-grandfather and


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