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📍 Hamilton Island, QLD

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Pulling up to paradise for the weekend.


Chance Bay

Queensland you beautiful thing!
So stoked to see these islands bouncing back after being hit by Tropical Cyclone Debbie earlier in the year.
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Playing off the back of #seaquest during some gorgeous off shore conditions.

Nothing like a day out with @divers_den!


If flying over the Great Barrier Reef isn't already on your bucket list - go grab a pencil. Can't get enough of those Whitsunday blues.

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One of this region's most iconic natural formations shining it's usual brilliant blue.

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Hill Inlet

How ridiculous are these Whitsunday waters!? #hamiltonislandair #thisisqueensland


Anyone else wish they were on that boat right now? 🙋‍♂️ #lovewhitsundays #hamiltonislandair

Whitsunday Island

Thanks for having us @divers_den! Never a dull moment.

Norman Reef

Exploring one of the Whitsundays' lesser known gems.

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Hideaway Beach

Mother Nature's washing machine.

Incredible conditions for a flight this morning. The Whitsundays putting on a show with this epic underwater sandstorm (I have no idea what this phenomenon is actually called) on the east side of Border Island.

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Border Island

Sunsets spent playing in the shallows. Beautiful evening light at one of my favourite islands in QLD.
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Fitzroy Island

The Milky Way fades as a bright half moon rises over Passage Peak.


Hamilton Island

Lazing in the afternoon light, disconnected from the buzz of our little island paradise.

Our intention was to briefly hit this headland then continue on to a beach for the day. Instead we got distracted and spent hours watching turtles graze and birds hunt. Day off spent right 👌
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South East Head

I know the last shot I posted was a Milky Way photo, but I can't help it! Just look at those stars! Nothing puts things into perspective better than staring into the centre of your own galaxy.

We had some prime conditions for star gazing last night - a dark, cloudless & moon-free sky.
It was also great to see so many others getting out and enjoying the night sky here on Hamo - guests and locals alike!

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One Tree Hill

The Whitsundays by night from Hamilton Island's highest vantage point.
I've had this shot in my head for a while and it was great to get up there and make it happen. Conditions weren't perfect (we got rained out after the moon set) but the Milky Way still brought the goods. Even some air glow showed up over the horizon!


Passage Peak

It's been over a month now since the Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Debbie ripped right over our little slice of paradise.
We've put in a massive effort to clean up the island so far, it's back to its bustling self and still putting on beautiful shows like this!

Hamilton Island

Afternoon light + gorgeous clarity + @samie.laferriere = a very happy Andrew 🤙

Great Barrier Reef

Lazing on an empty beach and watching the sunset after a mean seafood feast. Keep it simple.


Super stoked and incredibly honored to be able to announce my being shortlisted for the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Competition in 2017!

My photo "Follow Me" will be a part of the exhibition in both the South Australian Museum in Adelaide and the Australian Museum in Sydney later this year.

Underwater photography has been a major focus of mine in the past 12 months and being able to share the magic of our Great Barrier Reef is simply awesome.
Massive thanks to the South Australian Museum for the shortlisting and I can't wait to visit the Sydney exhibition in August.

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Great Barrier Reef

Days off spent exploring the hidden corners of our beautiful back yard. #hamiltonisland

Escape Beach

Dark skies probably isn't what you first think of when someone mentions The Whitsundays, it's largely turquoise water and white sand beaches. If you can manage to escape the populated areas though, the sky is among the darkest and clearest I've ever seen!

Milky Way season has begun and I'm looking forward to some more nights out under the stars.

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Hamilton Island