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Latest collection : Cakenis Moth Cake

Boxes and boxes of the Marble Cake have been packed and delivered to ZALORA last week. Launching soon. Wait for my update Cakenisans! #CakenisPRGirl


Working with Cakenis has its perks because the girls and I each received a complete set of the Marble Cake (Yay!). Wearing Chalk today because I had meetings all morning and I’ve never had so many eyes on me. Who here has gotten theirs and wearing it today too? #CakenisPRGirl


Hanis in Raindrops. I’ll let the photo speak for itself and you now have no excuse for not getting your hands on this piece. What else are you waiting for? #CakenisPRGirl #MarbleCake


Hello Cakenisans! Just wanted to give a short brief on our new Marble Cake collection. As I’ve mentioned some time ago, we’re introducing a new material to the Marble Cake. It has a lighter and softer texture than our normal lush satin range. The lightweight silky satin material is not only comfortable to be worn but easy to style with too! So grab that Marble Cake fast girls! #CakenisPRGirl


Our Marble Cake Collection has made their way to our official stockists! Get in touch with them and be the first few to own the new collection before the collection is exclusively launched on ZALORA.
(SEL) @jemarimalaika 0122910576
(SEL) @aidasyazlin 0129068803
(SEL) @cakenis.kynaclassic 0182835758
(SEL) @by_mamaadam 0103713170
(SEL) @cakenis_setapak 0174238685
(SEL) @shoparoundspot 0192105884
(KL) @cakenis_shadedough.mesya0129070003
(KL) @thecosmeticsmy 0172344337
(KL) @cakenis_ampangpark_kl 0126349524
(KL) @fatihinhusna 0122099706
(KL) @cakenis_divaletops 0125334107
(KL) @shikin_beaudo 0143388645
(MEL) @byneo_hijabs 0176833434
(JHR) @cakenisjb 0187761600
(JHR) @cakenis.chicrush 0123345956
(JHR) @grandeur_my 0133698486/0197262321
(SRWK) @cakenis_by_2wentysixteen 0192733356
(SG) @sarah_marguerita +6582338640
(SG) @simplified_fashion +6597890285
(SG) @ritzydee +6591281197
(SG) @nabma_sg +6582554995


Save the date. #CakenisPRGirl


You girls didn’t make it any easier for me to pick a lucky Cakenisans but after thousands of comments, we’ve finally chosen one lucky winner. Wrapped and ready for you @averesha and your BFF! You’ll be the first few to get first dibs on our Marble Cake! #CakenisPRGirl .
Psst; I’m announcing something soon so wait for my update girls!


Goodmorning ladies! I know mondays can be quite gloomy. But I have just the thing to ease your monday blues. Do you still remember the ‘I want that CAKE’ giveaway? Yes, we’ll be announcing the lucky winner soon. Stay tuned Cakenisans! #CakenisPRGirl #MarbleCake


Every girl has her own identity and by being confident with oneself can bring out the best in her. Just like our Ocean Marble Cake here, a fuse of baby blue and soft pink gives a touch of girlish yet edgy look. I can’t wait to see your photos donning this, Cakenisans!#CakenisPRGirl


Say hello to our Marble Cake in Chalk! The black and white fusion of limestones bring out an elegant and stunning edge to this piece. That’s what Hanis has envisioned for the Marble Cake design. The monochromatic colour is definitely for the brave hearted Cakenisans. I was surprised that @fnastasha was the only one to guess the name correctly (as of time of this post), so this special piece is for you! #CakenisPRGirl


The warehouse was busy packing these for you all day yesterday and I’m here to help out with the final few boxes today. Where are they off to, do you think? #CakenisPRGirl


I’ve introduced two already, Raindrops and Ocean. What’s the name of the final member of this collection? Any guesses? #CakenisPRGirl