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Latest collection : Cakenis Moth Cake

My prayers have been heard! A Cakenis team member saw my post yesterday and called me over for soto ayam today❤️ Who loves soto ayam as much as I do? 🙋🏻‍♀️ #CakenisPRGirl


Getting ready for my first open house of the day! If you’re having an open house and serving soto ayam (one of my favourites!), can you fit me into your guest list?🙇🏻‍♀️ #CakenisPRGirl


She’s got her whole family onto the Cakenis bandwagon! Thank you @farahatiqah_. I’m definitely loving seeing more and more Cakenis family photos this year. #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear #CakenisPRGirl


The shades of blue of the Lush Satin series. Can you name them from left to right? #CakenisPRGirl


I remember driving around my hometown during Raya and seeing 2 random girls in their Moth Cakes. I should have stopped the car to take their photos😂 @asyhrshd definitely made sure everyone saw how stunning her Pink Moth Cake is even from miles away! #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear #CakenisPRGirl


I was stuck in traffic for crazy long hours last night and couldn’t be bothered to unpack when I got home. Now I’m stuck with hours of laundry. Who’s in the same boat as me? 😅 #CakenisPRGirl


Raya OOTD done right by @liyaliyoo! Do you see what I mean? You’re showing me endless shawl styles and it’s amazing. You girls may not realise it but you are all teaching me so much! #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear #CakenisPRGirl


Moth Cake is all the rage on my tagged photos right now, but I’ll forever have a soft spot for our first ever LE, the Lily Cake. Who was also #TeamLilyCake during Raya just like @adlinaaaaaaa ? #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear #CakenisPRGirl


@lysa___aaa glows in Victorian from #CakenisLushSatin. It’s day 4 and I’m loving all the OOTDs you’re all tagging me in! Keep ‘em coming, Cakenisans. #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear #CakenisPRGirl


I’m off to my other hometown and I like keeping the person behind the wheel company, so I try not to doze off by reading a good book! How do you keep yourself awake on long drives? Music, coffee, or a book just like me? #LolThatRhymed #CakenisPRGirl


@arishasharill is also #TeamRayaMothCake! Share and tag me in all your Raya photos ok and take part in #CakenisPhotoOfTheYear ⭐️ #CakenisPRGirl


It’s second day of Raya and I’m off to my Mak Long’s house! Took me a while to decide between these two colours from our Lush Satin series. I’m #TeamRayaRed and #TeamRayaCakenis. What about you? #CakenisPRGirl