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Had fun at a shoot today. I played an empathetic nurse who recognises signs of abuse, and gets the patients better health and into safety.


It's nice to have a drink after work. Unfortunately not today, as I'm working over 12 hours today and detoxing. So here's a #tbt photo of me with at a friends farewell unwinding with a drink! And #cheers to all of you who are enjoying life and savouring the moment of happiness.


My new banner over Facebook, twitter and YouTube. (Yes it's a shameless self promotion 😜). If you could give my Facebook page a like, I would be very grateful! I have provided the link to the page in my bio.


I love street art. Seeing beautiful creative masterpieces in unexpected nooks and crannies in every city. But the one I'm standing in front of is on the Bondi beach promenade and it is amongst a long stretch of different pictures all painted by different artists. Some are quirky, some are cute, some are a salute to the Aussie beach lifestyle and there is one that is a remembrance for the Bali bombing. The wall keeps changing, and I love checking out the new designs.
Oh, and I'm also wearing the clothes I co-created with @mikeyjb666. A cheeky cross promotion 😜 If you like the clothes and want to see the full range. Go to @bondikaps - click the follow button, like some photos and click the link in the bio.
I hope all my followers have a lovely day.


I had a lot of fun a couple of days ago shooting for this ad. The ad is about always hiring a professional. Here you can see the bride has done her own hair and not hiring a professional hairstylist. I played the groom who unveiled her and was shocked - bit of course she was still the love of my life. Hope to shoot again with these two again on another project.


When Kate Hudson has one of the caps you have made 😍😍😍😍 Here is a snap from a paparazzi photographer of Kate with a Bondi Kaps coconut cap. You can buy the exact same one and more on the @bondikaps store


Glorious view from the top of Cape Byron Lighthouse


Happy Halloween πŸ‘»


When you have to model your own clothing brand you've help make @bondikaps πŸ“Έ by @ilariamarra


Thank you for a fun day Amore @ilariamarra


Love this trailer that was made from recycled skateboards. So cool. It's from my journey in San Francisco.


Good morning from Bondi! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Love you all