The official account of Calpurnia: Finn, Ayla, Malcolm and Jack. Our EP “Scout” is out now. Hit the link below to listen to it!

Tune into @jimmykimmellive on ABC on Monday to see us play! Rev up your telescreens to watch our TV debut. We’re stoked and hope you are too 🤙


Wowie! Thanks so much to @applemusic for having us as your Best New Artist of the week! We really appreciate it 😊❤️


We’re thrilled to announce that we’re going to be playing two shows in Tokyo on November 17th at Fever! Also, we’ll be playing our first EVER hometown show in Vancouver on December 21st. It’s gonna be a rad time so come to one, come to two, or come to them all!!! Tickets go on sale Friday. Link in bio 👊 (📸 @poonehghana)


New York!!! You were off the hook tonight. Thanks for being such an amazing crowd! @irvingplaza is a pretty cool place eh? Our buds @thelittlejuniors KILLED it too. Nothing gets better than this ✌️


We’re super stoked for tonight! Doors are at 7, so make sure you’re there to catch the amazing @thelittlejuniors at 8! It should be a super fun night and we can’t wait to see you there 🤙


Due to unforeseen circumstances, We have to cancel our July 15th show at Irving Plaza. We are extremely sorry for this, and can’t wait to make it up to you all as soon as possible. We were able to release a few more tickets for the Saturday night show, and refunds will be available at point of purchase. Love you all and thanks so much for the support ❤️


Here’s Calpurnia taking on New York. What’s that? 100 tickets just got released for the Saturday show? Go hit the link in our bio to get them before they’re gone!


Behind the scenes of Greyhound with @Jeremyschaulinrioux and @filmboldly


Woah! Thanks @exclaimdotca for putting our faces + an old sofa on your cover! (📸 @poonehghana)


We’re so excited! Our video for “Greyhound” is out today. Go get some popcorn and watch away 😎. Link in bio.


These are our buds @spendtime.palace. They are an incredible band and killed it on Saturday at the Fonda! We love them all very much ❤️


Tomorrow is #tposetuesday so get out and show us your T poses using the Calpurnia Snapchat filter! Link is in the bio 🤙 #calpurniamemesout @amoebahollywood