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If you’re in Jackson Hole this Friday join us at the Out West Fest Film Festival celebrating the indomitable western spirit through the power of story. Films will be a range of stories from conservation and wildlife management to adventure sports, all while examining female empowerment and the growing role of female filmmakers in the industry. 🙌


C4 director @renan_ozturk // “Although we often emphasize that ‘story is king’ and it doesn’t matter what the camera is you are shooting, I love the challenge of using the latest tech to document stories. It’s the Hollywood look but done in a way that stems from our fast and light climbing expedition roots. ~

Here is my setup for the @gatherfilm feature doc film this year. @reddigitalcinema 8k Weapon when @thecameradivision ‘Classic Crons’ custom modified Leica primes with a vintage low-contrast look. For all those gear heads out there - keep nerding out, tinkering and learning!” ~

See @thecameradivision for more about these magical lenses 🙏🏽


Why do mountains hold us spellbound, drawing us into their dominion, often at the cost of our lives? From Tibet to Australia, Alaska to Norway; armed with drones, Go-Pros and helicopters, friend and director Jennifer Peedom has fashioned an astonishing symphony of mountaineers, ice climbers, free soloists, heliskiers, snowboarders, wingsuiters and parachuting mountain bikers to celebrate mankinds lure to the mountains. We at Camp4 were happy to contribute some of our most compelling and noteworthy footage to this work of art.
The long anticipated U.S. premiere of MOUNTAIN kicks off next week in New York City! Followed by Los Angeles opening on May 25th, and other select cities throughout May and June. Get your tickets here:


C4 director @ansonfogel here: “Color” version of an image I posted a bit back. Returning to my roots shooting IR black and white - but digitally. At 850nm there isn’t much color to be had but what interesting. IR is also brutally sensitive to flare and lens fall off - lens design and coatings are made for visible light not ir. This is a pristine flare free shot in visible light. File this under experiments. Learning. I learned the art of shooting young with black and white film and often used heavy red filters then to lighten vegetation and darken skies. IR does that aggressively but feel similar in technique. As with any camera it’s about learning how that particular camera, lens and film sees the world. This combination is very limited and very unique in its views. For my personal work I prefer big slow film that can’t be posted here - or anywhere but on one wall - shooting IR May take me back to the dark side.


Photo by C4 director @renan_ozturk
Good times this past week meeting face to face with old friends from down to earth New Zealand film industry innovators from @syrp_ and @shotovercamera. The film word can sometimes seems dominated by untouchable giants so it’s great to see kind folks like @bugsstagram and @bradhurndell out there personally testing and tweaking gear with a collaborative spirit and same passion that got us all going in the first place.
Thanks for the hospitality and first look at all the new gear this past week!
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Photo by C4 director @renan_ozturk

Tears froze to Misba’s (@misbanorthpole) face as the cold hard realities kicked in of life at 89° N and the 10 day self-supported journey ahead to The North Pole. ~

At 50, she is the oldest member of the expedition. From the UK with Pakistani orgins, she has two kids age 20 and 24. Before we left she told me she had worked so hard supporting her family for so long and loved that role but now really wants to do something for herself. Back in Manchester, UK she works for a finance team at the North Manchester General Hospital. "Within my work place I am one of a smallish proportion of ethnic minorities, which can be challenging sometimes especially due to the current world crisis and representation of certain groups in the western media.” She hopes that by joining this expedition she will form bridges between different cultures, encouraging women within and out of her community to gain new skills. She would "like to show people that those from all abilities and backgrounds can get involved in activities that push themselves for their own self-development.” ~

As the helicopter flew away (see my stories), it left them in a gust of rotor wash amongst the white desert of moving pack. The lasting impression I had of this @kasperskylab @northpole2018 expedition was how each journey is so personal yet so universal and the more we share from these fringe experiences the more it can help the greater good. Thanks to all for this week and for being so vulnerable, strong and true! ~

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Photo by C4 friend @j.j.kelley // Falling asleep on a flying metal barge then waking up on what feels like another planet, it’s glorious to be back in Iceland! #iceland #geothermal #explore


Photos by C4 director @renan_ozturk ~

The @northpole2018 team drags sleds to a Mi-6 Russian helicopter for the 10 days journey to of the last degree to The North Pole. Since the frozen pack ice of the Arctic Ocean is moving, it’s crucial to get dropped off at the right spot so you don’t essentially stand still moving against the grain. ~

Team leader #FelicityAston (second Photo inside the heli) 40, is from the UK but now lives in Iceland. She has been organising and leading polar expeditions for nearly two decades, including the first British Women's crossing of Greenland and the largest and most international team of women ever to ski to the South Pole.

In 2012 she was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the first woman in the world to ski across Antarctica alone - a 59-day journey in which she skied 1744km (1084 miles). In 2015 she was appointed MBE and awarded the Polar Medal by HM Queen Elizabeth II for services to Polar Exploration. Last year she sailed to the North Pole four times aboard the world's most powerful icebreaker, I/B 50 Let Pobedy, which inspired her to put together this expedition. 'The world is facing global problems - such as rapid environmental change - that ignore national borders and interests,' she says. 'We need to find solutions together, and women have an important role to play in finding those solutions. My aim in creating this expedition is to address common preconceptions between women in Western and Arabic cultures and to provide some insight that could make a difference in the future.' @kasperskylab @e_kaspersky @povel @atalthani @Intunetothesound @anisa.explorer @marmelade.jam @misbanorthpole @lameesNijem @dc43 @ollyru999 #steph


Video by C4 director @renan_ozturk // Standing in -40° temps at 89° North, just shy of The North Pole at the launching station for the @kasperskylab @northpole2018 women’s expedition. ~

This temporary Russian camp is set up to support science research and expeditions for a brief period every year, something that is getting harder and harder with the ice breaking up and getting thinner due to climate change. ~

The feeling of literately standing on top of the world mentally takes a hold of you in this place in a way that I didn’t quite expect. It made the world feel so small yet infinitely expansive. We stayed at the camp for a few hours, drifting about 1° and a few miles on the pack ice in that time, yet another mind game for the mental map. ~

Above all the experience made me want to try harder with my short time to continue to create positive change for this special little planet. ~
Thanks @povel @e_kaspersky for bringing the @djiglobal Mavic Air for this fancy ‘asteriod’ shot which was perfect for these vibes. With @atalthani @Intunetothesound @marmelade.jam @misbanorthpole @lameesNijem @dc43@ollyru999 @legsmcginty #steph #felicityaston #polar #arctic #shemovesmountians #adventurenotwar #colab #northpole2018 #sos

Stay tuned to @northpole2018 as the expedition continues!


Photo by C4 director @renan_ozturk // After a busy last few days in Svalbard the time for pretty mountain photos is over and we head to flat pack ice of the North Pole. I’m here with @kasperskylab to send off @northpole2018, an unlikely team of women from different Arab and European counties as they spend 10 days self supported moving across the pack ice, skiing the last degree to the top of the world. ~

Honestly I didn’t quite understand it until I met them. It’s not the hardest athletic achievement or the longest distance. Above all it is an example of how women can achieve great things while breaking down cultural barriers. There is a mix of 10 nationalities, an age range of 25-50, and many of the members from the Arab world have never even seen snow before. Having been on a lot of male-dominated expeditions that can be regimented and full of pressure, I love seeing how they how they have all prepared meticulously for this scary endeavor in a way that has created strong friendships and lots of laughter. ~

Stay tuned on my feed and @northpole2018 for more as they begin the journey and I share a few more specific anecdotes from this assignment. See you in a few days when I get back on the grid!
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Winter conditions meet spring ambitions. //
Thanks for the #camp4pix submission @alynicklas


@alexhonnold drinking from the fountain of fearlessness. //
#bts from our film with @thenorthface “Life Coach”. 📷: @renan_ozturk


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