Love Rodney, daughter and hubby, M&D, Bro and our family's! And ...Tinkerbell and Neo our Cats, Friends, People I work with, Running, Climbing.

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Fab finale night you two stunner 30 year olds. Safe travels home Steffie. #indianfood #goaseafood #sunsetqueen #babygirl #dirty30kittycat

Patnem, Goa, India

4-5 hours a day playing yogis, learning technique, trying to keep our minds still, taking risks, plenty of funny falls between us and one only one cracked head straight to the concrete. #differentpace #havingagoodgo #grateful #thetravellingyogi @the_travelling_yogi #yogislife #dirty30kittycat

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

Kitty Cat is missing... she’s trying to take photos at yoga! 1.. Due to the stunning view at end of the arvo session and 2.. A Jesus type male in no top and well worn out undies doing every pose possible to scare the people. #lookawaynow #veryhairy #sunsetporn #goa 🇮🇳🤸‍♂️🙏 #dirty30


Happy 30th birthday Kitty Cat! You are an extraordinary young lady committed to making a difference. Thank goodness because not only do you help indigenous, children and all others but your Mum too. You are the bees knees and keep moving forward doing what you are doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you, you deserve every happiness and success every moment.
#South Goa Hut B #happy birthdaybabygirl #dirty30kittycat #yogapants #meditationspot #patnemyoga

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

We’ve left Palolem Beach literally screaming with a bad attitude plus a couple of drinks under our belt heading straight to a yoga and meditation retreat. First session was an hour and a half on how to master head stands. Well we clearly can’t manage that even without a bevy. Happy 30th birthday to the most amazing old lady 30 I know xxxx ❤️❤️❤️ #dirty30kittycat

Bamboo Yoga Retreat

South Goa Eco Hut A (with bar) (make believe) #uncomplicated #thatsitwearenotgoing #dirty30kittycat