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Well this is my last post before I leave for the trip for real now. I’m calm for now since the plane ride for now is only 3 hours. Well everyone be prepared for my spamming when I’m in Japan.
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Gosh I’m so nervous, so today is my last day here in Florida before I go to my trip to Japan 😬 my nerves are really getting to me because the flight is honestly so long. It’s 18 hours 😓 but hey I’m doing my very best to stay positive no matter what so I’m hoping for the best.

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Thought I’d post some pictures that I have taken over the past couple of months. I want to post my remaining pictures before I leave for my trip.

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Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday no matter where you are. I thought I’d post this to make my feed look more stable but also because I think these bouquets are very beautiful. Hope this picture brightens your day.
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A remake of a photograph that me and my best friend did. We did it with our personal favorite best friends weather it’s from television or personalities or singers. Here you can see a three year difference.
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So this is my first upload since last year. Nothing special really but I thought I’d upload some pictures that I have taken but I’ll post them slowly not all at once. I actually took this picture last month and I really liked it so I thought it would be appropriate to post. I hope everyone is having a good day and so far has been enjoying their year.
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Respect and love


For the first time in my life I have never shaken and burst out crying so hard as I did today. Today I woke up this morning to very tragic news, SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun was found dead in his apartment. Cause of death: Suicide. SHINee is a group that means so dear to me to me they are more than just a group that sings, dances, and produce music. To me they are a family and made me feel happier during my days when they were rough or when they good. I never would have imagined that Jonghyun would kill himself. I just still can’t process that he’s gone from this world. For those that don’t know him or know his work/group he was a very talented singer and a very kind hearted person that was very loved by the public. SHINee is possibly one of the most or if not the most beloved group in Asia and has been very influential since the beginning they truly are the kings. But today I realized that just because you admire someone and see them happy on screen or in person it does not mean they are happy. He was in a lot of pain and hid it until he couldn’t anymore and felt like he had no other choice. What he did was wrong, he affected so many people and has caused a great amount of pain from his loss but when you are mentally sick and depressed you don’t think twice before you commit. I am writing this letter to Jonghyun or to SHINee I am writing this to the people who are going to hard times or are depressed. Please, please do not kill yourselves. Think of the people that love you, the people who you have influenced, your family, your friends, your future, and most importantly yourself. Committing suicide should never be an option or a choice. Seek help and do something. If you need help look for it don’t hide it. Express your feelings and speak it out loud don’t hold it in. If you feel like you’re a nuisance you’re not because anyone that loves you would rather see you alive and fighting than seeing you gone. Jonghyun’s death has affected me so much that it’s all I’ve been able to think about. So many celebrities have died this year from suicide and I genuinely don’t want to this anymore. Please stop what you are doing and go look for someone to talk to.




To everyone in Florida including myself please, please be safe. The weather here slowly stating to get bad and soon power will be out. Stay safe and please pray remember to never give up! #hurricane #hurricaneirma #florida


My view from last week


This is a painting that a student from the art classes that I attend did. The painting wasn't completed at the time when I took the photo but I'm very positive it came out beautiful.
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