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Enjoy the World Cup! Ah I remember these good times 4 years ago in the fandom on twitter, We were writting about the World Cup and we were commenting on matches with other delevingners, I remember writting with Charline about Neymar haha, just like it was yesterday, time flies quickly.
And sorry for not being active here recently, I had a lot of things to do and I still have and I regret that I could't participate in the Lady Garden run, I had to change my plans, I hope that everyone who was there enjoyed it, love you.


happy #PrideMonth 🏳️️‍🌈 spread love whatever your orientation is


Tomorrow is the day 😏👀


There are two types of people:
1) Cara has green eyes and 2) Cara has blue eyes. the discussion is still going on 🤔


I've finished 13rw season 2, well, at first I didn't want to watch it because I thought it will be a piece of shit but it wasn't and I don't regret watching it. IMO second season was better than the first one, even if there was some scenes I didn't like, it is still better
And I think there will be a third season because the story was unfinished 🤔


So finals are over! (But I have to wait for a results for so long ugh) I'm alive and free of stress for few months! (holidaysss)
I have plenty of time to decide what uni I want to go to, it such a hard decision.


Hello, i'm watching #Eurovision. but I don't like these songs very much this year or most of them


D e t a i l s ✨ #caradelevingne


Hey Girlsss 📸 #MetGala


❤️ // some stylizations were really weird considering the dress code this year but anyway Blake Lively slayed it IMO! She looked gorgeous in that dress!
#caradelevingne #MetGala


WHAT A QUEEN #caradelevingne #metgala


I have two english exams tomorrow and i'm not worry about the first one (elementary level) it's really easy and I hope I'll not make any mistake🙏 but i'm worry about the second (extended) because I think my grammar still sucks and I don't like tasks with word formation or sentences transformation ugh maybe I won't have a bad result but I know I won't write it as I want. My english is still getting better but anyway, please keep your fingers crossed!


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