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Julian Herbrig | Germany

If you’re ever near Porto in Portugal, make sure to stop by this beautiful beach! We visited it shortly before our departure and it was so worth it! 😍
It’s so vast and super empty which makes it the perfect place to relax 🙏🏻


Julian Herbrig | Germany

Have you ever visited a German National Park?
We slept for one hour just so we could watch sunrise from this epic spot in Saxon Switzerland which has to be my favorite national park in Germany 😍
Shoutout to @leo_saller for taking these 🤙🏻


Julian Herbrig | Germany

Did you know that Greece has over 6,000 islands? 😮 While only around 230 are inhabited, it’s still a such an insane number!
Took this shot last month while droning the island of Milos.
Shot on the Mavic 2 Pro and edited with my brand new preset ‘Soft Vision’
#care4art #care4artpresets


Julian Herbrig | Germany

Ad/Anzeige | I recently had the pleasure to team up with @jobesup to try out their SUP gear! And what better place to do that than in a massive canyon in the South of France 🔥
Paddling into the gorge was no problem but going back out turned out to be super challenging due to crazy winds blowing inwards. What an experience 🙏🏻


Julian Herbrig | Germany

This is the very last photo I took in France which was the perfect ending to the most amazing road trip I’ve ever been on!
It was my first time there and I had no idea this country is so full of amazing and diverse places.
Have you ever been to France and if so, which part did you visit? 🇫🇷
#france #provence


Julian Herbrig | Germany

That was one hell of a view to wake up to! 🔥 We had our car parked up in the mountains and in front of us was nothing but steep cliffs and the Mediterranean!
Ad | Anzeige | Thanks to the guys at @indie_campers for making it possible 😍


Julian Herbrig | Germany

Can’t believe I’m going to be back in Italy again tomorrow! 🇮🇹
Shot this a couple weeks ago at the hot springs in Tuscany which was such a cool experience! The springs smell super bad due to the sulfur but once you’re used to it, it’s just so relaxing especially early in the morning when there’s no one around 😍
Edited with my ‘Moody Summer’ preset.
#italy #tuscany


Julian Herbrig | Germany

Hey @nasa, me and my lunar rover are ready for your next space mission.🔥
Honestly tho, those things were so much fun to explore the Greek islands with! @lifewithelliott snapped this shot of me gazing at the stars in search of extraterrestrial intelligence👽
Have you ever driven a quad bike?


Julian Herbrig | Germany

Crystal clear nights in Santorini🔥
Would you wanna live here? 😍
Edited with my ‘Matt Finish’ preset.


Julian Herbrig | Germany

After sending my drone from a boat to explore the nearby area, I stumbled upon this little island. Greece is full of them and the shallow water that surrounds them looks just so good from the air 😍
Shot on my Mavic 2 Pro and edited with my ‘Bright Side’ preset.


Julian Herbrig | Germany

I first went here as a little boy and always had this memory of endless fields and a hilly terrain. It was so good to be back and see Tuscany again. This time through my eyes as a photographer 🙏🏻
Edited with my ‘Lush Green’ preset
#care4artpresets #care4art


Julian Herbrig | Germany

Imagine waking up at this place with nothing but the ocean in front of you 🔥
Shot on my Canon 5D IV + 70-200mm
Edited with my ‘Blue Hour’ preset