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I love including people in my photos whenever possible. Not only does it help to show scale, but sometimes it gives you a little more sense of adventure, and helps tell more of the story. Do you guys like including people in your images, or do you stick with landscapes on their own?


Not pictured: me constantly checking over my shoulder for bears 🐻 😅


Happy Friday! It is HOT and humid today, and I sure could use a dip in this beautiful water☀️💦


I love monsoon season, but hoping all this rain settles down! Ready for a weekend like this 🌲


I’ve gone on 4 trips here now, and this has to be one of my favorite moments from all of them.


Slowly and steadily crossing over the week 👣


Waiting for the dinosaurs to show themselves 🦕 #jurrasicpark


I see a lot of people talk about how overpopulated and overcrowded this place has become (myself included sometimes), but we sure did find a lot of solitude while we were there. We were lucky enough to have quite a few spots to ourselves during this trip. You may have to work a little harder or travel a little farther to find it, but it’s there, and it’s worth it. 🌞


Friends who will stand in the cold mist of a waterfall at night and hold completely still to help you get this shot.. those are some good friends 🙌🏼


This oasis will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first backpacking trip. It’s the spot that opened my eyes to how many beautiful places there are here in the southwest, and it’s the place that inspired me to get back into photography. I feel incredibly lucky that we’ve been able to return each year, and that I’ve gotten to share this place with some pretty incredible people. What has been your most inspiring adventure?


Floating through the week.. just a couple more days. So hard to get back to a normal routine after returning from this place!


Standing in a lush cave behind a waterfall that’s part of an oasis at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.. I can’t think of many things better than that. What an amazing trip 🌿💦