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Tiffany from Wheel Pros is now rocking a 3" Carli Pintop System with every option for her brand new Ram 3500 equipped with the auto leveling air suspension.


@korie_relentless ready for work or play! 2.5” Pintop, Full Leaf Springs and Fabricated Radius Arms.


2014+ Ball Joints in LATE torture-testing stages. Time for teasers... - We worked with a contact (PhD) that specializes in materials and treatments to find the perfect recipes to formulate our parts.
- We've added a disc spring to preload the bronze race of the ball joint to ensure a constant state of load throughout the life of the joint.
- The pin shows strength on par with a F911 bolt in a relative size; 180KSI
- We’re using a molded disk boot to keep debris out instead of the o-ring.
- It’s designed that you cannot over pressurize the ball joint with grease, pump away to clear old grease.


The new @powertech_diesel shop truck looking snazzy. 4.5” Pintop with every option.


Our Iceland Retailers, RAE - Renniverkstæði Ægis ehf, threw a 4.5" Dominator on this 6.4. Some custom Body-work and flares on 17x14 wheels make the 42" tires look like they came from the factory!


@littlebird500’s Pintop System and @trbeadlocks; that’s a whole lot of #americanmade


Sage ripping out a new bumper for the shop 2017. Of course, with @bajadesignsofficial 30” high power.


@blochworx threw together this fully equipped 4.5” Coilover-Bypass kit for @jack___potter. #fordfriday #cjcoffroad


@pottsracing 2018 3500 with our Custom Coilover Bypass System, @methodracewheels, @toyotires, and Carbon Fiber @fiberwerx fenders.


Killer shots by the guys at @polyperformance on a recent 2017+ Ford Leveling Pintop installation.


6” Pintop our the door with every add-on!


6” Pintop, Torsion Sway Bar, high and Low Mount Stabilizers, Ball Joints, Full Leaf Springs and Airbags going down on this 2012!


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