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And now a photo series I’ve entitled “Young Man in a Rented Tuxedo Unnecessarily Feeling Himself”
#tbt #2001


Ok for real, fuck this app. #googleartsandculture


“We’re rocking LA, so let’s Ram it today, just Ram it!” #tbt #rams


Goddamit, Mark! I’m the quirky one that does bits. Anyway, The Making of MPGIS 360 is live on Youtube now. Link is in my bio.


You make my world come alive.


Yes, yes I was a very cool man in my early 20’s. Very cool. Like black t-shirts and thumbs in belt loops cool. #tbt


With my favorite person in my favorite place. ❤️@jackie_valenzuela_


A year ago, I went back to The Coliseum with tears in my eyes to watch my dad’s favorite team come back home. A year later, and almost 9 years to the day he passed, they did the unthinkable and clinched a division title. Thanks Rams.


For real though, don’t fuck with Deandra’s buffet. Consequences will be severe. #mpgis


Why yes, yes, that is a sequined short sleeve button down. And yes, those are reflective dress shoes. And yes, I did think that I looked fucking fantastic. #tbt


Extremely proud that we get to officially launch MPGIS360 today, our new venture into the world of VR. Rachel, you never looked better. Shouts to everyone on the team who made this insane vision a reality. Link is in my bio. #MPGIS #VR #360video #virtualreality


Starting new holiday traditions with the one I love. It truly feels like I’ve been living in a dream since the moment I met you @jackie_valenzuela_