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Now that my spring break has begun, I finally have a little time to post from last weekend's half marathon. After finding this race online Friday evening after getting home from work, I set my alarm for midnight and left the farm at one o'clock to run the Tell City Half Marathon. It was a fabulous find with near perfect running weather, a challengingly hilly course, and lots and lots of wonderful volunteers and crowd support. Having free photo downloads was a terrific touch, but seeing this amazing runner, @mom_o_6, at the starting line was the best part of the event. I was honored to get a picture with her after finishing.

Tell City, Indiana

Happy 17th Anniversary to my everything. Growing up, I used to dream of my future soulmate, my best friend, my life partner, my husband. Who would he be? Where would I ever find him? How would I know? I truly am blessed that HE found ME...and never let me go. His family has repeatedly let me know Billy told them the night he met me that he was going to marry me. Fast forward a few years, and here we are on our first Valentine's Day together. As his work had it, he was to be down in Houston chaperoning a couple of work employees from Equatorial Guinea as they visited our country to attend work-related classes. What does Billy do? He surprises me with plane tickets and a limo so we could be together on that Valentine's Day. Fast forward another two weeks to the day we married. Billy tends to be forgetful when it comes to important dates, so he had me choose a day that he could easily remember. I chose 03-02-01. Three...Two...One...Blastoff! He never forgets our anniversary.
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After seeing several friends' posts, I realize it is Love Your Pet Day! Well, I love my pet everyday, but this is an enticing excuse to post this picture of Shout and me taken the weekend before last at the Mississippi River Marathon finish line! #shoutout #loveyourpetday #shoutout #shout #shoutthesheltie #thatsmydog #ilovemydog #shetlandsheepdog #sheltie #sheltiesofinstagram #mwinstonphoto

Mississippi River Marathon

REST IN PEACE, my sweet-sixteen, funny-faced, Fur Baby. Although these pictures portray her looking like a grumpy cat, a mean girl, Oscar the Grouch, etc., she was quite the opposite. Black Hills Gold (Goldie), otherwise known as Banana Bug, better known as Nana, was an extremely shy, genuinely gentle, nonstop purr-machine. She was the best company ever. And, she was sooooo funny; omgoodness, she kept Billy and me rolling with laughter. Sadly, old age caught up with her, and this lovable, little lady slipped peacefully across that rainbow bridge in her sleep during the wee hours of the morning on Friday. I cannot express how much she is missed.
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Dalton, Arkansas

Your flight just arrived safely at EWR marking the close of your double half birthday weekend with Jeff. Congratulations, y'all and Happy Birthday, Tracey!! Your photos show what a wonderful time was had in Florida! Now that I am finally able to post to you for your birthday (sorry I am a day late), I have chosen eight pictures for the nearly eight years we have been friends (and an extra one for good measure). Eight years! I cannot imagine this journey without you. These photos recap much of our friendship while also highlighting several of your major milestone events (which I am lucky enough to have shared with you). #happybirthday #solesisters #runnerlife #marathonmaniacs #halffanatics #goalstoreach #runningisbetterwithfriends


Running the beautiful Callaway Gardens Marathon with these fabulous friends was soooo much fun! Finishing with Kino was icing on the cake, the highlight of my day!! #runningisbetterwithfriends #runnerlife #callawaygardens #marathon #pinemountainga #georgia #marathonmanics #halffanatics #mglobetrotters

Callaway Gardens

The Louisiana Marathon was a geaux...even after being locked in the stairwell of my hotel when I should have already been in the starting corral. Whew! Crossing the starting mat four minutes into the race was quite an exhilarating experience: I did not get chilled waiting in the cold to begin, the throngs of runners had thinned enough that weaving and passing was super fun, and my fear of missing the race created such an adrenaline rush that the first few miles flew by in a flash. Although extremely exciting, I do not recommend intentionally starting a marathon this way. Hearing the announcer repeatedly warn about the closing starting line as I am trying my best to get across that timing mat reinforces its benefits are NOT worth its risks. Finding these free race feauxtos yesterday was a fantastic feature! I love this race!! @louisianamarathon @the_louisiana_marathon
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The Louisiana Marathon

My third running of the Louisiana Marathon was so much fun. The cool, clear weather was wonderful, the flattish course was beautiful, and miles & smiles with fabulous friends were fantastic! The memories made through our (mostly my) mistakes, mishaps, and misadventures are priceless. Oh, how I wish somebody had gotten a video of us trying to get across the starting line mere seconds before they closed it.
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The Louisiana Marathon

Louisiana Marathon: Saturday pre-race evening spent with fabulous friends and family!

I cannot thank @tanewen3 enough for working out the details to develop a dinner date for her New Jersey family and her Arkansas friends whom coincidentally happened to be in Baton Rouge over the same weekend. This reunion was so much fun! I had not seen Tracey's brother, Brian, in nearly two years, and I had not seen her son, Kevin, in even longer than that! is he even twenty-twenty?! I LOVED getting to meet and spend time with Kevin's lovely Louisiana Lady, Laura!! Running into Mary and Sandy while walking across the street for dinner was the perfect prelude to our pre-race pizza party. Having Dave Bell join us and share a few of his exciting stories was a delightful conclusion to the evening. I did not want the night to end, but it was getting late, way past my bedtime, it was going on seven o'clock, y'all. Thank goodness Kevin and Laura were able to meet us the following day at the post-race festival after we finished the marathon for a fun farewell.
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

What happens when your best friend hears you had a bit of a bicycle wreck? She hops on a plane to run your weekend's race with you because she KNOWS you have no intention of skipping it. I am very grateful to have my own personal paramedic who loves running races as much as I do. I cannot thank her enough for joining me at the Freeze Your Half Off in Chattanooga. It was the perfect ice-breaker (literally) for our 2018 race year. I can hardly wait to run with Tracey again at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon in three months! #runningisbetterwithfriends #freezeyourhalfoff #halfmarathon #chattanooga #tennessee #halffanatics #marathonmaniacs #titaniumsun #traceyfromnj #solesisters #besties #bff #carolponytail #polaropposites #ifallalot #runnerlife #goalstoreach #firstraceoftheyear #100halfmarathonsclub #runawesomesauce

Tennessee RiverPark

RUN for the RANCH Half Marathon was the perfect conclusion to my 2017 race schedule! It snowed the entire time!!
❄️I LOVE SNOW❄️ Although I ran less races than usual this year, I did manage to reach some hard-fought goals such as running at least one marathon (or farther) a month for one hundred months straight (and counting) back in April, completing another Ironman in November, and a week later finishing my circuit of half marathons in all fifty states! I know these numbers are far lower than soooo many of my fabulous friends, I suffer in comparison, but I am tired, y'all.
27 Marathons (6 50Ks, 1 Ironman, 19 states)
27 Half Marathons (2 Half Irons, 24 states)
08 shorter triathlons (7 states)
05 100 Mile Bike Tours (4 states)
01 7K
05 5Ks

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