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Norwegian viking in Oslo🇳🇴
A summary of my life; selfies, food, knitting, and powerlifting.
Simple happiness. 🎉

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2 weeks. 2 weeks until I'm done with this year's first exam, and 2 weeks until I get on that plane and leave the cold for a bit.
These 2 weeks will be rough, life already is. But man, I'm going to enjoy my first real vacation in a while! 💃

San Francisco, California

Once upon a time, I was a daddy's girl 💁🏻


Am I the dog whisperer, or the cat whisperer?

Ytre Enebakk

My dad at work being a captain in his Captain jacket I made for him ⚓️ #kapteinskofta


Unicorns are life. And knitting. 🦄👵🏻


When we had a photoshoot in London last May 💁🏻📸😎
(Look at my handsome brother though😍)

Big Ben Tower of London

California, I'll see you soon 🙋🏻


When life sucks a bit (okey, a lot) and a dear friend takes you out for brunch 🤤🙇🏻‍♀️ Thank you for making my Sunday a far better one ☺️

Gunnars Generasjonsbar

This picture is life 🙌🏻 📸: @iamkarlsen


I'm at home up north doing two days of internship at my mom's work. So tired, so exhausted, but happy 💁🏻 #morfarskofte

Finnsnes, Norway

I've been wanting to post something here for a while, but in reality there is nothing to post. Life doesn't suck, but it's not easy either. Doing full time school with a chronic illness while trying to keep up with rest and social commitments is hard. But at the same time, it's a challenge I wouldn't want to be without. Everyday I learn something new, whether it's about occupational therapy, the people around me or myself🙋🏻
This semester will be a tough one, but I say bring it on 💁🏻
#deardiary #occupationaltherapy #chronicillness


When someone tricked the camera away from me 😅🙈
#morfarskofte #setesdalkofte