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A lot of coaches don’t like using body weight to track progress.

They say it’s unreliable (which, if you’re using it wrong, is true) and all it does is frustrated their clients 🤬

And I agree that, for some people, it might make sense to forego the scale... But that does NOT mean tracking weight is worthless.

Body weight alone isn’t a great marker of progress, but it absolutely can be when it’s used correctly and alongside other forms of progress (like measurements and photos)!

But here’s the problem ❌ —> Most people don’t know how to “read” the scale.

They’ll see a small jump and freak out. Or they’ll get excited about a big drop (often called a “whoosh”), but then have it followed by a week or two of no change and assume they’re plateaued...

Here’s the Truth ✅ —> Your weight will NOT go down linearly, day-to-day, week-to-week.

For most people, it'll look like this:

They’ll have a big drop in weight (their “whoosh”), go up a little, hold steady for a bit, and then repeat the process.

For some people this happens on a weekly basis, for some, it’s a monthly basis. It really just depends on how YOUR body responds.

My advice? Use the scale to track your progress, but understand how it works and make sure you're using it the right way.

It’s not going to drop in a predictable fashion. It’ll go up and down sporadically, sometimes for no good reason at all!

Knowing that ☝️, you shouldn’t freak out every day it doesn’t move the way you want.

Instead, pay attention to long-term trends 📉

When I'm working with clients, I have them take their weight daily and then using that data to find weekly/monthly averages.

Make sure you’re taking measurements and pictures too. Not all progress is well reflected on the scale.
⠀ ⠀ ⠀
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I turned 24 today 🎂

So if you’re okay with it, I’m gonna be a bit selfish and tell you a little more about ME 😉...

When I was 14, I started playing music (bass & banjo) in a band that traveled, pretty much, every single weekend. I was the youngest member by 7 years, so I aged quick (mentally) and people always said I was mature for my age.

When I was 16, my parent got divorced. Not an uncommon thing, but because I lived in a small community where everyone knows everyone, it was the talk of the town.

I felt fine, but looking back, its clear I “ate my emotions” considering I gained weight like crazy and topped the scales at 300 lbs.

Both of my parents are remarried now, and I have an incredibly relationship with each of them.

That’s not usually the case with divorce, and it’s why I’ll never take for granted.

In 2016, I dropped out of college and moved to Florida to work as an intern for a fitness company...

and after just 6 months, I packed my bags and moved back home.

It had nothing to do with the internship. In fact, I’m still friends with everyone I met...

I just felt a “calling” to help others overcome their fitness struggles and, more importantly, live a happier & healthier life.

So I moved back home (love you, Mom), and since then, I’ve worked every single day to built my online business from making $0 to now making enough that I can support myself and live on my own.

Yes, I’ve had some success, and worked my ass off for it…

But to be honest, this whole thing scares the shit out of me.

There are days I wake up, look in the mirror and think, “what the hell am I even doing?”

And as I prepare to launch my brand new program this weekend, those insecure thoughts keep popping back up…

But there’s a constant that always keeps me going —> your support.

I’m continually blown away by the love and encouragement you give me on the daily. For every negative comment or message, there are literally hundreds of thousands of positive ones.

It’s technically my birthday, but I’m making today about YOU.

Because without you, there’s no way I’d be where I’m at today ❤️☕️🍑🍕🥗🐢

#cartergood #thankyou


A super common struggle I hear from online coaching clients and other random folks on the interwebz is finding the time (and desire) to cook...

Im not much of a fan of cooking either, which is why I love using this meal template for whippin’ up quick, easy, healthy, and filling fat loss meals!

By now, you probably know weight loss is all about creating a calorie deficit ⚖️⬇️

Your diet could consist entirely of chocolate cupcakes & Mountain Dew and you’d STILL lose weight so long as you’re eating few enough calories.

But just because you CAN lose fat eating junk doesn't mean you SHOULD...

See, there are other pieces to this "diet puzzle" — things like food quality, macronutrient ratios, micronutrient density, fiber content, satiety, and enjoyment — that have a role in creating a successful & sustainable fat loss nutrition plan.

I'm all for having flexibility with food 🍩☯️🍎

But I ALSO value simplicity, which is why I like to keep things simple 80-90% of the time and use this meal template.

The only things I'll change are the specific carbs, protein, & veggies I’m in the mood for/have available.

Some examples:
💥 —> Lean Steak, Rice, Asparagus
💥 —> Chicken, Potatoes, Mixed Veggies
💥 —> Salmon, Quinoa, Steamed Broccoli
💥 —> Egg Whites, Red Potatoes, Onions & Peppers

When I use this template, I know without a doubt I'm getting plenty of protein, fiber, and micronutrients — all of which keep my tummy full & satisfied, and my body healthy & happy 😁👍

Side Note📝: you’ll notice I don’t include fat sources directly.

Reason being, most folks end up getting plenty of fat from their protein sources, oils, sauces, etc.

You can definitely add some high-fat foods (nuts, whole eggs, avocado) to the mix. Just make sure you’re watching portions because the calories in those suckers can add up quick!

My challenge to YOU ✅: start using this template in your daily nutrition plan.

Use it, and I guarantee you'll have an easier time dropping fat & creating weight loss friendly meals :)


Weight loss is simple...
It’s just not always easy.

You see, to lose fat, build muscle, and get lean, all you really need are the ten things I share above☝️...

Pretty simply, right?

Okay, okay... maybe 9 & 10 aren’t “needs” for everyone, but they are for me✌️🤓

But(t🍑) here’s what I know to be 100% true for everyone...

Choosing to focus on what’s most important for getting results, and disregarding the stuff that’s not — eliminating certain foods, taking silly supplements that don’t work, etc. — is a ginormous step in the right direction.

Reason being, once you know what works, you can start building habits and implementing strategies around what works in a way that make sense for YOU and your life.

For example...

—> you need to eat in a calorie deficit to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean counting calories is the only way to do it.

—> strength training is essential for building a lean body, but the number of days you workout, the intensity of those workouts, and how advanced your training gets will (and should) vary.

What ultimately matters is that you’re following a plan that makes it easy for you to build a lifestyle around the fundamentals 💪

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You Don’t Need a “Reset.”
You Need a Plan.
Recently I had someone reach out to ask my opinion on a body “reset” plan they found...

This wasn’t just some random person either. This was someone who’d been following me for a very long time.

By this point, they knew my message by heart...

They know about Calories ⚖️
They know about Macros 📊
They know the 80/20 Rule 🥗🍕
They know Consistency > Perfection 🔄
Yadda yadda ya...

Yet still, they messaged me asking if they should consider using a cleanse, detox, or special diet to “reset” their body for fat loss...


Your body is an incredible thing.

It doesn’t need you to do its job or “prime” it for fat loss.

What it DOES need is for you to help out by eating nutritious foods (most of time time) and staying active. ⠀
Most folks know all that too...

They know another cleanse or detox isn’t the answer. If it were, they wouldn’t still be struggling...

In truth, what they need is a plan.

A plan that’s effective, but not overly complicated.

A plan that helps them break bad habits and build new ones more in line with their health & fitness goals.

A plan that sets them up for lifelong success.

And that's really the problem...

Making “lifelong changes” and “building habits” can be overwhelming and, frankly, scary to think about.

But remember this...

You have time⏳

You don’t need to be lean in 60 days.

You don’t have to be “X” pounds by “Y” date.

You don’t have the be perfect — you’re allowed to mess up

Which is good, because If you’re like me, you'll 'eff up many times along the way😉
What matters is that you do your best as frequently as you can.

learn from your mistakes, always get back on track, and most importantly, never-ever quit!

Ditch the detox
Chuck the cleanse
Rid the “reset” mentality

Keep things simple
Build habits & routines
Focus on the fundamentals

Enjoy the process along the way 🐢❤️

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“You don’t need to count calories! Just eat healthy foods, and you’ll lose weight!”

Has anyone ever told you that☝️?

Well, they’re not entirely wrong.

Eating healthier foods CAN and DO help you lose weight — but it’s nothing magic.

It’s because of what happens when you start consuming more whole & nutritious foods...

Let me explain:

Fat Loss 101 👨🏫 👉 To lose weight, you NEED to be in a calorie deficit.

Everyone got that? Okay, good.

Moving on...

Now imagine someone swaps their usual cheeseburgers and fries 🍔🍟 (which have lots ‘n’ lots of calories) for the same amount of chicken breast and broccoli 🐔🌳 (which has much fewer calories).

Duh. No wonder they lose weight! They end up consuming fewer calories without even trying!

And there are many reasons why it’s easier to take in fewer calories eating healthy food.

The main ones being they have:
✔️MORE food volume per calorie
✔️ MORE protein (typically)
✔️ MORE Fiber
✔️ MORE Micronutrients (vitamins & minerals)

So how can YOU take this knowledge and use it for your own benefit📚🤔?

1. If you’re struggling to eat in a deficit because you’re always feeling hungry or tired 😰, eating more whole foods will help!

How? By increasing how much food you’re eating and ensuring you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals.

2. If you’re struggling to eat whole foods because you’re craving “less healthy” foods like chocolate 🍫 & ice cream 🍨, realize that you CAN still have those foods. ⠀
You’ll just need to make ’em “fit” your daily calorie goals.

Because “fun” foods tend to be more calorically dense, the trade-off is you might have to deal with a bit more physical hunger...

Typically, folks can get away with eating fewer whole foods at the beginning of their diet. But as they start to lose weight, they get hungrier, and the belly-filling benefits of eating whole foods overpower their desire for that extra scoop of ice cream 😉


Having support & accountability from friends or a coach can be a game changer...

Reason being, there are gonna be days when you don't feel uber-motivated to workout.

Some days you're going to wake up, look in the mirror, and you're gonna-wanna say "eff this fitness bull crap!”

In those moments, having someone (or multiple someones) to support you can be the flame that keeps you going 💪🔥

And while support & accountability are great, it's important to remember that, at the end of the day, YOU are the one on this journey.

As a coach, my goal is to create a plan and line of communication that makes it simple ‘n’ easy for my clients to stay consistent.

But(t🍑) the truth is there's only so much I can do...

The only way my clients will get the results they want is by doing this for themselves.

My advice to you👇

Take some time today or tomorrow and think about your "why" for wanting to get fit...

And saying, “because I wanna lose weight" isn't gonna cut it.

You need to go deeper.

Ask yourself, "Why do I want to lose weight."

Maybe your answer becomes, "because I want to fit into a specific dress size."

Okay... so WHY do you want to fit into a specific dress size?

Question your answer like above a few more times.

You’ll find you get closer and closer to a deeper reason for wanting to lose weight.

When you find and identify your core “why," that's when the magic happens...

You'll still have that support and accountability from others, but now you won't need it every single day to keep going.

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The 80/20 Diet Rule is one of my favorite nutrition “rules” to follow...

Reason being, it lets you enjoy fun foods in moderation (~20%) and still ensure the majority (~80%) of your calories are coming from micronutrient-dense whole foods.

Pretty straightforward, right?

Good. That's exactly how it should be!

The simpler & easy-to-follow you can make your nutrition & exercise plan, the better.

Quick Note 📝: although this is a "rule," you don’t need to live or die by it...

Doing so will just have you stressing about unnecessary stuff like, “wait, is this in the 80%?” or “oh no! I’m only at 75% whole foods today!” 😱

Instead 👉 think of it as a reminder that MOST of your food choices should be coming from healthy whole foods.

Perfectly nailing "80%" and "20%" every day isn't realistic...

There will be times when it's easier to go above 80% whole foods or when it's difficult to stay under 20% with "fun" foods.

For example, say you're going out to a bar with friends on Friday...

Chances are, you'll end up taking in a buttload of calories from "fun" foods like hot wings and beer.

That’s totes okay!

Why? Because what you do MOST of the time is more important than what you do some of the time ✅

Go out and enjoy your Friday night with friends — just make sure you're doing your best to eat closer to 80/20 (or even 90/10) most of the week, and get back on track as quickly as possible 💪

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I’m incredibly fascinated by the slight differences between folks who struggle vs. successfully lose weight and keep it off…

Reason being, the differences seem small, but they’re incredibly impactful.

Some people naturally gravitate towards having healthier habits.

I wasn’t one of those people.

When I was over 300 pounds, I was doing all the things in the “struggling dieter” category...

Cravings controlled my food choices.
One unhealthy meal turned into another.
I’d fall off track when my motivation died out.

Things have changed for me, but it hasn’t been from “luck” or “good genetics.”

I’ve had to spend a lot of time, effort, and emotional energy thinking about WHY I had those unhealthy habits...

WHY did I give into cravings regularly?
WHY did I struggle to stay on track?
WHY did I always lose motivation?

I could write a whole novel on it (I’m sure you could too!), but here are the biggies:

1. I was suppressing my parent’s divorce.

I thought I was “fine,” but the 70 pounds I gained six months post-divorce said otherwise.

2. I felt like a victim.

Most of my family is overweight, and I assumed I had “fat genes.”

3. I was too impulsive.

I’d start & stop diets based entirely on temporary motivation. I never sat down and honestly asked myself if losing weight was something I truly wanted.

And that’s what I want to leave you with...

Ask yourself, “do I *really* want to lose weight?”

Do you want to change for yourself or is someone else telling you to change?

Are you willing to be 100% honest and transparent about what you struggle with?

Are you ready to face the emotions & demons that are motivating your unhealthy eating habits?

There’s no right answer...

Maybe you’re not ready.
That’s okay.

I struggled to lose weight for years, and it's because I wasn't ready yet.

Just know that when you ARE ready...

You're going to have to fight for this.
You'll have to battle a few mental dragons 🐉

But having seen both sides, I can tell you this...

Nothing compares to the freedom that comes from facing your struggles head on and defeating them one by one.


Motivation’s a funny thing...

See, when you have it, everything’s fantabulous.

Staying consistent is easy 👏
Going to the gym is actually fun 💪
Eating nutritious foods is enjoyable 🙌

When you DON’T have motivation, well, it’s an entirely different story…

Staying consistent is tough titties 😿
Going to the gym to workout sucks 👎
Eating nutritious foods is the last thing you wanna do 😒

I wish there was a “quick fix” or “cure” to the motivation swing, but there isn’t.

Truth is, we all go through periods of time when we are more and less motivated to do this whole fitness thing.

And that’s where many-a-people make a mistake...

Many-a-people think it’s all about finding & staying motivated.

They see people on IG who are successfully losing weight and think, “Wow! Look how motivated they are! Gimme some of what they’re having, please!” ☝️🤓

Some things about IG...

For one, it’s a highlight real.

People tend to post their highest & best 😁— rarely their lowest & worst 😔

Secondly, it might appear that someone’s motivated 24/7 to achieve their goals, but that’s simply not the case.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON goes through motivational highs & lows.

What separates those who succeed from those who fail isn’t “more motivation.”

Instead, it’s what they do DESPITE motivation ✅

Because you’re going to go through tough times...

You’re gonna-wanna give up

You’re gonna-wanna throw in the towel

You’re gonna-wanna say "eff this!" and quit

But it’s in those moments of doubt when staying consistent matters most!

Now, that’s not to say you’ll never screw up, because you will. In fact, I guarantee you’ll slip up a time or two.

What matters is that you don’t quit.

If you refuse to quit, you WILL be successful. It’s just a matter of staying consistent and being patient.

I’ll leave you with a phrase I always share with my online clients (they get sick of hearing me say it too)…

It’s not about being perfect. It’s about doing your best as frequently as you can. When you do slip up (and you will), it’s not about beating yourself up but rather getting back on track as quickly as possible ❤️


I want to tell you about my client Bonnie.

She’s been working with me for just over a year and has lost ~50 pounds...

So when you do the math, she’s dropped, on average, around .5-1 pound per week.

Some weeks she lost 2-3, some weeks she didn’t lose any, but she’s averaging .5-1 pound.

Now, a lot of people might see that and think her progress is too slow, but I disagree. I think Bonnie’s progress has been FAST!

Reason being, in the past 12 or so months, Bonnie has lost & actually MAINTAINED each new low weight milestone.

She’s not yoyo-ing up and down.
She hasn’t given up.

What’s more, she’s built habits and strategies that are making it easier for her to stay consistent and keep her results.

So yes, in the short-term, it might seem slower, but in the long run (5-10 years from now), she’s going to come out on top because of what she’s doing now — losing weight the right way 💪

Your Takeaway💥—> stop worrying about how quickly or slowly you’re losing weight. If you’re seeing changes (on the scale, measurements, how clothes fit, how you feel), then you’re doing great!

Instead, focus on the habits you’re building and the strategies you’re using to get those results...

Because the truth is that HOW you go about getting results is a lot more important than HOW QUICKLY you get them. 🐢

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I'm gonna let you in a teensy little secret about myself (don’t tell nobody 😉...)

I don't absolutely love working out 🙈💔🙊

—> “Wait, what!? Carter, the fitness coach, doesn't love working out?”
⠀ ⠀
Calm down! Let ya’ boi explain...

I don't hate working out by any means.

But(t🍑) if it’s Friday night and you’re asking me if I wanna go hit a workout or see the new Incredibles movie, I’m responding with, “what do you think... Butter or no butter?” 🍿🤔

I know this is valuable info to share, too.

You see all these fitness models & personalities on Instagram with their #GymRats or #FitnessFreak hashtags praising their love for pumping iron...

And you might think there's something wrong with you since you don't share to same *gusto* for workout out.

Well, I'm here to tell you that you do NOT need to fall in love with exercise.

Of course, you can (and should) learn to value it, but don't think you have to make the gym your second home to see results.

One of the best ways you can reap the benefits of exercise, and learn to enjoy it in the process, is by making it a healthy habit in your life.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to get started:

1. Do it First Thing in The Morning ☕️ - you'll get it out of the way and start your day with a win.

2. Set Out Clothes The Night Before 🌙 - this will make it easier to get up and go

3. Put It In Your Schedule 📅 - that way you can't make excuses when it comes time to actually do it.

4. Follow a Set Workout Routine 📝 - this makes your workout more productive and time-efficient.

5. Don't Start Out Doing Too Much 😰 - doing too much will only lead to burnout. Start small and slowly work your way up.

6. Workout With Friends 🤜🤛 - to build accountability and make it fun.

7. Combine it With Chores 🐕 - this goes back to making exercise more time-efficient.

8. Something Beats Nothing 👍 - a 20-minute walk beats no walk at all.

9. Make Sure It's Goal-Focused 🏋️️‍♀️ - wanna build muscle? Lift weights. Wanna improve your cardiovascular health? Do more cardio.

What are some strategies you use to make exercise a habit? Let me know down below!👇