Casey McPerry 🎬📱@caseymcperry


Thanks @samsungmobileusa & @anthonyanderson for having me out this past weekend capturing content #withGalaxy S9. It's always nice when I can pack light and bring only my phone with me.


This week the commercial I directed and created for @underarmour is live on ESPN. It features the biggest rivalry in lacrosse, Hopkins vs Maryland. Thanks again to @ualacrosse and the entire team that brought this project together! @lightworkcreative


What would be your dream camera setup? I feel like I have everything I need but with technology there is always something new that comes out. I personally think my next purchase will be an external hard drive raid setup or a new computer. Being in New York I went into B&H photo and it was awesome seeing all this cool camera gear. 📹🎬📷🎥💾🖥️


Mellow vibes with my @AmericanExpress family at #Coachella. Looking forward to the next Amex Experience with @jeff @cierraramirez @miamorreti @artofoto @caraasantana and the rest of the crew. #AmexAmbassador #AmexLife


Hey everyone, I apologize for being MIA on Instagram. If you want to find me I'll be beating the heat and lounging it at the @AmericanExpress Card Member Club at #Coachella! Find out more about what Amex is up to in the app. #AmexAmbassador #AmexLife


I'm excited to share with you some upcoming projects I've been working on. I know I haven't been posting that much but let's take a look back at my recent post and give your thumbs a rest. Go show them some love if you missed them. ✌️


I find it fascinating when people don't realize that my entire Instagram feed is connected all together. Thanks to everyone that has ever shown my account to people or shared my work. Who are some other people that have creative accounts that I should follow? I plan to post more so make sure my post notifications are turned on bc you can never tell what Instagram is going to show you.


Happy Birthday to this hot mess Danielle! 🎂 I'm happy I was able to come home to celebrate your 27th birthday. Go give her a follow she is close to reaching 10K followers @theblondeblogs 👍 If you didn't know once you have 10K followers you can create swipe up stories on IG which really come in handy. Anyways...home for the day then back to New York in the morning. 🍎🗽✈️


Got the new @samsungmobileusa Galaxy S9 and I’ve been making some cool Super Slo-mo vids with @edelman11


Listed in order from my biggest following down here are my top countries that follow me on Instagram. #USA #Russia #Brazil #Indonesia #Thailand #Germany #Malaysia #UK #Italy and #Spain! Did your country make my top 10? If not let me know where you are from, it's amazing to see my work being loved by people all over the world. 🌍✌️❤️


Spent the last couple of days out in the desert enjoying the warm weather. The photo on the right was shot with my Samsung S9+ and the image on the left was shot on my Canon 1DX ii, can you tell the difference, let me know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks @westin & @spg for hosting 🛏️


It is very rare to catch me wearing sunglasses. One of the reasons I don't wear them is I'm always looking through a camera and it makes it hard to expose the image properly. If you have any photo or video questions comment below. 😎


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