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Happy Fathers Day to this goof. Thanks for your life lessons, jokes, deep sighs, and of course allowing me to follow my dreams. Love and miss you lots


First day @redbull and they let me go to the Warriors parade 💛💙❤️


Very special moment the other day, as my best friend for over 10 years graduated high school. I still remember the day I moved away and thinking that there was no doubt in my mind that we’d still stay close. I can for sure say that you and I share a bond like no other and I always feel blessed that we spent our childhood together. Thanks for always hanging with me and making home always feel like home when I visit. Love you lots zen zen, now kill it in SB


views from home, you’ll always have my heart and be my home Mammoth


Back home and it’s just a little chilly


Today is a very special day because 21 years ago, one of my favorite people was born. I always feel so blessed that you came into my life. In the last couple years, I have been introduced to so many amazing people and experiences from you and continue to see the goodness in your heart and everything you do for people. There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to do amazing things. Love you lots and can’t thank you enough for our friendship and memories. Cheers to many more with you fam 💕


mood: wanting to surf, but not having time. or good waves. my boards are gathering dust 📷: @nadidadkhah


all of our schedules finally matched up to gather in my new apartment. always amazed by how kind and loving these girls are, I really couldn’t ask for better friends including Ingrid who is not pictured


so many feelings right now, as I am so happy to be done with this school year, this also means our time living together is coming to an end. to be honest, this semester was definitely the hardest and challenged me the most. I for sure had the most break downs and stress moments these past couple months, but I would’ve never gotten through it without this person, my best friend, and roommate for the past year. I can’t thank you enough for dealing with my weird moments, for watching funny videos with me, our endless inside jokes, our many ice cream and coffee trips and our countless memories. watching you work so hard this past year, has made me push myself harder and to stretch my creativity further and be a better person for myself. I love you so much and am so sad we won’t live together next year, but I know we will still talk 5,502,502x a day. can’t wait for us to graduate and take on this 1.2 trillion dollar industry together ❤️ (ps I definitely cried while typing this out)


thank u so much @counterfeitrock for finally traveling across the pond from the UK and putting on an AMAZING show [ALSO this is probably the only band that plays half of their show IN the crowd instead of onstage]. I officially have the greatest friend ever. I dragged her to this show; we danced, we jumped, we rocked, we got interviewed by some Stanford students, and i talked to @bowerjamie about their music... night made. w/ @notbergmanreads


who else can say they’ve eaten pizza and watched Ice Cube perform, or sat through a 2 hour set to be in front for Major Lazer at the Main Stage, or jammed in the Sahara Tent with their mom at Coachella? shoutout to the coolest mama ever, thanks for taking me to so many concerts and giving me your love for music and supporting me through my decisions, love you lots and see you in a couple days ❤️


last nights photoshoot called for a boba break


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