Cassy & Pete Moss - You Gotta Know Pt2 / Out Now 👇🏽

Just showing off my dress... @lucyin_disguise ❤️ thank you 🙏🏾 @rumors_ibiza it was a blast as per usual ❤️


Off Sonar that’s a wrap for me this year... thank god!!! 🤕🤪❤️ @kneedeepinsound


First time on a cruise


Casually hanging in my kitchen taking a selfie for my dj Instagram with my Shaboom Records T shirt @theblakkat ... representing ...


Second part of the 'You Gotta Know EP' is out 👌🏽
Still in collab with Pete Moss & with two killer remixes by Marquis Hawkes 🔥 Links in my biog!


Happy & relaxed today in Ibiza! Tomorrow, we party at @donotsit opening night at @heartibiza !!! @djbehrouz @rodriguezjrmusic @squire_inlove & me on duty 💥


I love it when I see djs’ record collections neat and tidy or even messy on shelves in houses or apartments... and I keep thinking fuck my record collection looks slightly different or has been for a while now... one day they will see a shelf again like other record collections too... there is always hope. Well I keep buying new ones so it’s not so bad and I will take some more with me today...


Love my new t shirt. Thank you so much @myung_illest ❤️ it’s a piece of art BTW FYI


Before the concert and after the concert. I am shy taking pics and they also say don’t take pics at the concert hall Musikverein. I saw two concerts this weekend. Today the Berlin Philharmonics and Friday night the Philadelphia Philharmonics and both were two of my best musical experiences ever. To hear these musicians play music by composers like Bruckner, Tchaikovsky, Bernstein and Abrahamsen is unbelievable. This music will forever be alive. Those composers will forever be alive. ❤️ most beautiful dress by @saralanziunofficial bought at @vanravenstein (how I will miss you!!!) ❤️


Happy Birthday 82 (my mum) and thanks for joining in @florianklenk ❤️


Remix done!!!


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