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finally getting to see The Longshot even if it’s from the back corner of @coneyislandbabynyc. Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the most generous and badass entertainers of my generation. everyone in this room feels like he’s singing to them personally


old snap from my undergrad years studying jazz at Manhattan School of Music #tbt


fuckin bassists are such nerds #relateable


so my dad bought a used golf cart to party in at the old folks home. I bought him some fuzzy dice for the mirror and I think he digs them but since he always looks like that who can tell because he’s a different type of cat


my dear friend Alex @funeral_tuxedo drew me and one of the diglets in ink and it’s my favorite thing ................................................Repost from @funeral_tuxedo Cat loves dogs. 7x10” ink on paper. My friend Cat @cat_popper loves her dogs. She doesn’t look like this btw- she’s tall and elegant, but we were talking on the phone last night and I was drawing, and the drawing needs a long, pointless title so...... She’s a musician who’s learning to draw and I wanted to teach her ink drawing, aka the world of “happy mistakes” in exchange for piano lessons. I’m making tutorial videos and they’re not going well. But anyways, she loves her dogs-the diglets. Neither one looks this this either. Her dog Belle once farted on me in a quiet room like 12 times, and each time Cat would lean towards me a whisper “I’m sorry. It’s not me. It’s Belle.” I barely knew her at the time but I think, and I could be very wrong since I’ve hit my head a lot, but it was after that that we became friends. (Alternate title: Rory versus the art collector’s dog “Monday”) #dailydoodleregimen #alexbarryart #art #artist #ink #painting #drawing #illustration #design #anime #cartoon #sketch #picture #blackandwhite #amsr #cat #dog #diglet #friends #animals #jacksonbrowne #lateforthesky #latefortheskype #paulwesterberg #🆎negative




entertaining myself on this slow grey day with a shitty thunderdome


pre-show pretty with @alejandro_escovedo @sylvain.sylvain and @explodingsax what a night!


so these williamsburg college kids were roasting Jackson Browne over a speaker they had brought (?) and were playing in my uberpool. I finally told them I texted Jackson Browne this video and they were super impressed because they’re huge fans blah blah. if y’all kids follow me FYI I don’t have Jackson Browne’s phone number but the uber driver is saying bad things about you in russian


tfw u tryin to nap too close to supper time


oh hey this is tonight! the rain will have stopped and you’re a little depressed, so why not?


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