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Malaga have always been a difficult team to play, even though they are in the bottom place right now they are still capable of giving us troubles. Good thing though is that Carlos Kameni who used to save them in every match is gone.

Denis Suarez needs to start but knowing Valverde's starting lineups lately, pretty sure he is on the bench.
Deulo and Sergi need to play at their natural positions.


Boring. That's the best way to describe yesterday's performance against Olypiakos.

We were essentially playing a small team, which was also struggling in their league, the game should have been put to bed 40mins into the first half.

Still dont know why Sergi Roberto is still playing as a RB.... HE IS THE NATURAL SUCCESOR OF XAVI, with a bit more pace and attack minded football, if Sergi gets his chance at CM, even Thiago wont be able to compete with him, that's how good he is.

Denis Suarez NEEDS TO START not Iniesta, Andres needs to be saved for the big matches like in Turin or Madrid or in Basque.
Paulinho has earned his place in the team he brings a little physical play into our team and makes good runs supporting the attack, he sets the high tempo for some of the attacks, him and Sergi should be played at CM not brainless Rakitić.

Umititi still manages to surprise you with what a player he is. Gem of a player.

Lastly Deulofeu deserves the game time that he is getting, he has earned it with hard work and good decsicions and his workrate is absolutely amazing. -GP


Surely one of my greatest work ever
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"Not a big game player"
Yesterday will be remembered as the day Messi silenced his haters for good, yesterday he completely confirmed his GOAT status.

Three goals in a game where if Argentina lost, then there would be no greatness in Russia, luckily now there is 🇦🇷🔥⚡️☣️
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Cometh the hour, Cometh the man🇦🇷🇦🇷 #argworldcup #leomessi #Goat #catalonismo_designs


Biggest match off his life tomorrow 🔵🇦 🇷 #Messi #ViscaArgentina #catalonismo_designs


"Do not mix football and politics"

La Liga President Tebas in Barcelona today along with his friends (who have been doing the Nazi salute repeatedly)

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