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Our collections evoke feline instinct. Each piece is beautifully hand crafted, space conscious, and feline addicting.


Huge thanks to Sassafras Lowrey from @catstermag for including us in her article on must-haves for your cat. Theres a link in our bio.


Ickle’s always watching. #catastrophicreations #catfurniture


We recently restocked our Amazon UK store and have also expanded the selection of furniture. If you live in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, the Amazon UK store is a great place to get our furniture without paying high shipping costs. Link in bio. #catfurniture #catastrophicreations #amazonuk


Ickle doesnt like to brag, but he's pretty good at lounging. #catbridge #catnap #lounging #catastrophicreations


This is so cute!! #Repost @pets_adore
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I really love this wall! Thanks for sharing these @mars.and.the.brawlers! #Repost @mars.and.the.brawlers
One of the new house dreams was for a @catastrophicreations wall for the crew! We worked with the Catastrophic team to get a good set up for what we wanted. It is mostly all up, CatDad has to do a couple custom build pieces to complete the circuit. Everyone is exploring tentatively... Lol. Bunch of scardy cats if you ask me! No, they are having fun. Getting the to the bridge is a challenge and taking very baby steps! 😹

But we hope they get braver soon!


@iambronsoncat lounged on his hammock without us tricking him!! it only lasted a few minutes, but felt like an hour.


Cat haven by @bestcatmom


Check out the extra large cat grass! This is a post from K9 Turbo Training's FB about mental enrichment by Kate Wilson, the head trainer with K9 Turbo Training, who is also the sister of one of our founders, Mike. These awesome photos were taken by their mom, Gloria Wilson. "All of life was designed for a past environment. We are forged in the past and adapt the best we can to the world before us.
For the animals that find themselves under our care, life can actually be too easy. Our cats, horses, and dogs have evolved to spend huge portions of the day foraging for food. Without being able to engage in these behaviors, animals can easily develop behavior problems including aggression, phobias, and compulsive/repetitive behaviors.

Enrichment is how we try to provide safe access to our animals' natural behaviors. Things like hunting, bathing, playing, digging, exercise, and foraging are all examples of behaviors animals need to have access to in order to be mentally healthy. Enrichment is anything that stimulates these behaviors: toys, food hunts, positive reinforcement training, and new novel things to explore, to name a few.

Here Harper is eating her grass. Every day new things are added to her enclosure to keep her mentally healthy, hide her food to stimulate foraging, train for mental enrichment as well as prepare for and provide low-stress veterinary care.

Our house cats have very similar needs to wild cats and thrive when given access to enrichment." There's a link in our bio to a few things you can do to provide enrichment for your cats at home.


This is so cool! It's like clicker training, but with a hoop. Credit: Dianne Cameron


We thought it would be fun to have a few cats visit the shop over the weekend so we could share some photos of our recent shop improvements and get some fun pictures with the little ones exploring and hanging out together. As it turns out our big boy Ickle despises sharing his space with any other cats, so things didn't go quite as planned. Huge thanks to our supervisor Ally for bringing her cat Murphy to the shoot, as he was the only one willing to participate. Lylah preferred to chill under our desks and Ickle was busy hunting the other cats' invisible scents, hissing at seemingly nothing and pouncing around corners in our wood shop all by himself.


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